**Closed**Need help with proof reading/directing advise 😎**Closed**


Hey everyone!

I am looking for someone who is good with spelling/grammar/punctuation etc. Also someone who has a good eye for spotting directing flaws. I have been given quite a lot of reviews. People have really liked my story overall and said I have good directing skills but they have commented on some minor grammar/spelling and directing issues. I don’t have time to keep going back over my previous chapters all the time and when I do, I sometimes oversee the mistakes. I would like to concentrate on getting regular updates published and focus on the story line. I would really appreciate if someone out there would partner up with me and help me out! Let me know and we can discuss it :grin::heartpulse: Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:


@missmac1 I would love to help you out!


Great! :grin::grin::grin: Have you instagram?


@missmac1 I can help you with the directing if you like.


I don’t have instagram sorry but you can always contact me here, I am often online. :blue_heart:


All help is welcomed! Have you instagram or I can PM you here?


Great! That would work. I will PM you! :grin:


Ok thanks!! <3


I can help!


Have you instagram or I can PM you on here? :grin:


I’m almost always online, so you can PM me on here. Except for today, I’m going somewhere but I’ll be back soon. Plus I don’t have instagram


Ok I’ll PM you.:grin:


I’m sorry but i don’t use instagram any longer so PM will work since I’m often online here


PM sent :grin:


I know that you said it’s closed, but I’m a really good critique and can help if you need it!


PM sent :grin: