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Hello Mancers / Manceresses - Season Two is Upon thee starting July 30th.

Which types do you read as
(I maxed at five, but if you have more wow, pick your favorite.)

  • Aeromancer (Air, Weather)
  • Dracomancer (Dragons)
  • Necromancer (Death)
  • Pyromancer (Fire)
  • Geomancer (Earth, Plants)
  • Siemancer (Ghost)
  • Sanamancer (Health, Animals)
  • Utaumancer (Song, Charm)
  • Luxmancer (Light)
  • Umbramancer (Shadow)
  • Tempumancer (Time, Temperature)
  • Hydromancer (Water, Ice)

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I promise not to post spoilers, but I’m soo bad at it sorry. I just love spoilers, even when I already know what is going to happen.

I also report anyone who posts something unrelated


Reminder : July 30th is next publishing date :slight_smile: The big question is though, was your character really kidnapped?

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Bump : :slight_smile: Also, on Instagram Lee Funk posted she might introduce four new mancer types in the REVAMP version


Another Bump, she actually did six more, which means the REVAMP of galileo will have 18 mancer types which is like way to many endings now.

Oh Lee, why on earth do you make yourself suffer.


Episode 26 has been published.

Episodes are now published weekly Mondays, except during Season Finale Weeks / Season Premier weeks.


;-; I want to know the identity of the mysterious woman please :wink:

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I have finally read all Mancer paths and am now making sure I read both genders.

I must say, WOW for the effort put into the ‘Choose YourvMancer’. :sunglasses:

I have an excerise book dedicated to your story just so I could map out the Macers, and make notes on each so I wouldn’t lose track…lol…

The story is just so wonderfully multi layered and deviously Intwined. :grinning:

So Now we are entering the second season… would I beloved to share one of the harder paths I found… or give a hint? Or is it remaining no spoilers?

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Hehe, thank you.

I’m glad you decided to read more than one path, as you’ll catch on to several hints that other paths missed. (Like Dinu in the Necromancer path…)

I rather you not share the path coding, but you are welcome to share most anything else ^-^


Episode 27 is up


Lol… no problem… I have a question on the Necromancer. That thing which involved Dinu… does it mean that it happened in the background of all the other story paths?
Lol I hope that makes sense.

Also the female pyro the chanting from the meeting doesn’t stop. It’s still going on Ep 26.:blush:

Yep, he makes random refs to it as well. Plus it’s going to cause him issues with Nathania.

Oh darn, I really thought I fixed that :joy: maybe it’s only fixed for the new.readers. I’ll now add a music off to every single episode lmao, thanks for letting me know.

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Sweet, :blush::ok_hand:I love all the cross references of clues so I was hoping that would be entwined saw well.

I’m not sure if this is also falls under ’can’t share’ or ’can hint’ but the one thing I keep hitting a wall with is getting to the advance class. (now I know of it) lol.

I think I made it once by accident. No clue how but I keep trying different decisions combinations but it’s not working. :woman_facepalming:

Is there any vague hints you can give on that one?
Like just how many factors go into his decision?

Also, in 27 when time magic was mentioned,
if needing ideas taken from Final Fantasy there is Haste, Slow, Recover (health keeps going during up in smaller bits) and stop, :unicorn:

I really like that recover idea, I’m pretty sure I can code something like that.

I know to get into the Advanced class you have to read both maner books . . . I’m not quite sure myself as its been while :joy: I know it’s three choices that happen. I’ll prolly make it easier in the future :sweat_smile:

Episode 29 will be up tomorrow ~


Episode 29 is published

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Episode 30 is published, no new episode this week to celebrate the season-premiere of Bad To The Bone

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Episode 31 will be up Sept 10, and this is legit my favorite episode like . . . since Luxmancer path episode 21 or 22 . . . xD

but of course only if your choices lead you to the scene x-x

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Episode 31 is up :slight_smile:


Were you able to delete replays since you can only have a max of 5?

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