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Episode 35 has been Published

Social Media code is School


Outdated Galileo will be complete December 10th.


Panicking, but yes, Outdated Galileo will be complete later today. (trying very hard D:)

I have also shared all the ‘codings / paths’ for other mancers on my instagram if you’d like to try a different path or one you’ve been secretly too scared to ask for.


Social Media Codes

36 - Dinu
37 - Penelope
38 - Luxmancer


Mission failed.

39 & 40 are Published.

Social Media Codes are
39 - Winter
40 - Bye


Mission DOUBLE failed

41 is Published. Social Code is MuchLove

Galileo School of Magic (Outdated) is complete.

I will be closing this thread in 32 Days when the Revamp is out.


fk yah boi


Does anyone know the percentages on types of mancers? I know that in the game Seimancers are 5%, 5% Geomancers, 5% dracomancers, 6% Sanamancers and Necromancers are 2%. It’s really bothering me and I really want to know. The wiki doesn’t have the percentages.


I don’t know the math percentages but I found this on her insta SHADOW 7, FIRE 26, AIR 35, WATER 19, GHOST 6, DRAGON 7, DEATH 3, TIME 3, SONG 7, EARTH 8, LIGHT 8, HEALTH 9 (138 different outcomes for personality quiz)


At the beginning of the game when it tell’s you which mancer type and what % of mancer’s that type is, is what I’m interested in. I don’t think the math adds up because what I have so far is
Geomancer 5%
Seimancer 5%
Sanamancer 6%
Dracomancer 5%
Necromancer 2%
Utaumancer 5%

which adds up to 28% so far.


18 percent of all magic users are a Pyromancer.
25 percent of all magic users are a Aeromancer.
13 percent of all magic users are a Hydromancers.
5 percent of all magic users are a Umbramancers.
2 percent of all magic users are a Tempumancers.
5 percent of all magic users are a Luxmancers.

When you add them up you would get 96, the reason it’s not 100 is because I rounded down on a few because the percents were like .33 or .14


Wow thanks so much, this whole episode is wild. There’s just so much content it’s like an entirely different game and unlike any other episode story I’ve played. I’m not done with it yet but I’m also excited for the revamp as well.


Thank you :blush:

(And I’m super Jazzed to see someone use the Wikia :joy:)


I am closing this to avoid confusion with the New Galileo School of Magic.

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