Closed permanently


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That’s alright! Btw to everyone waiting, I can’t post any finished requests since I’m on holiday and my tablet is back home.

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Bumping again! :grin:

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Ok, to everyone waiting for their request:

I’m so so sorry for taking so long. My tablet is now messing up since it’s like from 10 years ago and old devices naturally break down over the years.

I’m getting a new tablet, but for now, I’m just drawing sketches on paper of some of the requests.

@aicened, I bet you’re tired of me saying this :joy: but I was literally done with yours, my tablet just had to mess up now, didn’t it? I won’t be upset if you decide to cancel or change your request so that someone else does it because they’d probably get it done in less than a week. I’m the worst person to open a art thread, but I gotta finish what I started. I honestly don’t know why I’m taking so long to do your request. I usually finish a request on an average of 1 week.

I have a lot of stress from starting year 10 and GCSE’s but I’m trying to reach for an ounce of time to spend on the requests.

Remember, anyone who wants to cancel, please tell me now because I’m probably going to take even longer. I’m so sorry, once again.

Thank you for your patience.

Tags of people waiting:

@aicened (Work in progress)
@EVL.Daisy #1
@EVL.Daisy #2
@EVL.Daisy #3
@Aprill #2
@Clevertimes (Splashes)
@RMM.Writes #2
@Clevertimes (Splashes #2)


It’s okai at least your trying. I’ll cancel so you have one less! What subjects you doing?

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Btw! I changed up my cover request, and added additional info like pose refrence, background, etc.

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Omg !! :heart:

They are amazing :heart:

Is there any possibility to make one for me too ??

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Im still waiting. But art is art. :heartpulse:

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You can cancel mine love I don’t need it and I don’t want to add stress to you

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I don’t want you to cancel because of me :tired_face: makes me feel guilty :sob: Are you absolutely sure?

and I took spanish, triple science and history with geography as my back up. :heart:

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alrighty :crazy_face::kissing_closed_eyes:

Sorry, my requests are closed.

As it says in the title…

Sorry it’s just I don’t know how many times someone has asked me this question whilst the title is screaming TEMPORARILY CLOSED. But it’s ok love :joy:

:heart::heart: gotcha

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seee i don’t want you to cancel because of you feeling you don’t want to over work me, I just wanted people to cancel because I was taking too long :joy: I feel guilty now.

Are you sure you want to cancel? :heart:

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Yes I’m not making a story anymore and it’s ok love

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Don’t feel guilty there is nothing to be guilty about

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You know if too many ask you could always add some rules for your art request. I personally only do covers and for published stories. because I dont wanna waste time on an art cover and people just drop the story and never publish it. I would feel my time was wasted

It does not to many ask at a time.