[closed] requests for art covers

Hey guys!

I am an art student who is looking to expand her work. That is why, I am willing to do some covers/banners for free.
I know my way around many digital programs, although right now I prefer working on ProCreate.

I do have graphic design and typography knowledge, and experience in making covers (although not for Episode stories).

You can find some of my art on instagram: @jesusdetonator
If you want to see more, dm me there or mention it here and I will post something.

You can still dm me on instagram, though, and find out when I will have time again to make covers.

*the story is published/ready to be published/you have several chapters written, or you have other stories published
*you have to credit me in the story
*the story cannot include harmful content like sexism, racism, or any type of intolerance that is not a part of the plot and rather a part of ignorance of the author
*I DON’T DO REALISTIC ART. If you want art in this style, search for another artist, please. I will not change my style to suit your needs.

My latest works:


Omlll gurl this is awesome :cat_shocked: I would love to request!

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Dm me on instagram and we can work something out! You’ll have to tell me what you want, show me your character/s you want included etc. :wink:



Can you make me an art piece?

How can I request gorgeous!

dm me on instagram! there we can talk about details :wink:

also dm me on insta, if you can!

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Yes, please :wink: There you can tell me what would you like, etc.

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