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So about the poster you did for me it’s actually going on the elevator scene and since it’s a back ground scene I think the poster seems a little off. I was thinking maybe if you would exclude the tape. Or have it as a picture in a frame then it would look more realistic. This is how it looks ! The poster is okay but 20180325_095929|281x500

Also, do you know how to make tears? If so, how would I go about adding them on the character and making to where the tears are falling from the characters eyes? I’ve seen it done before but I don’t know how to do it exactly.

No problem! Just want to make sure I’m giving you exactly what you need. Working on it now

Frame sounds like a cool idea. I’ll get right on it.

Thanks I appreciate it

Thanks so much for your kind words!

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes. (I’m assuming the eyebags and tears will be included in the same eyes?)
  3. Yes. (Rainbow colored? Any specific pattern?)
  4. Yes. (Don’t know if Episode will approve it… I mean they probably would but I can’t be too sure. Just a little “buyer beware” type of warning.)

I will need a picture, But if you can’t, perhaps you can share the characters settings and the pose they will be in.

I just saw the last part of your message. I do know how to make tears, also how to find them online. And here is an overlay guide made by the intelligent @Dara.Amarie that will help you:

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Thank you for the information I wanted the tears to be clear the more realistic it looks the better. I appreciate the information.

Okay thank you!

I will get back to you tomorrow, thanks again!

Hey, could I get a white or pink fluffy blanket?

What kind of view?

I would like it so the blanket would be covering them mainly their laps

Cool! On it

Hope this one works:


Don’t forget to credit me: @rude_in

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Here’s your overlay:

And here is how I recommend you place it:

Don’t forget to credit me: @rude_in


Thank you!



Here’s a sample of your overlay:

I will pm you the link to the actual image.

Don’t forget to credit me: @rude_in

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Thank you for my overlay rude. :blue_heart:

I can’t because I want to make a cover where I’ll be photoshopping different animations together to create one. So the read animation wouldn’t work, though I still need the book prop for the cover, if that makes any sense. :blush:

Hi would it be possible for you to make me some Halloween themed overlays? Maybe some pumpkins or garlands or something?