[CLOSED] 💙 Rude’s Overlay Request Shop



Yay! Can’t wait! Thank you again!

I know we’ll talk about the motorcycle another time as well! :slight_smile:

Did I mention that these were personal overlays, @RudeInception?


Easy one. Here ya go:


Don’t forget to credit me: @rude_in


It’s exactly what Ive meant! Thank you so much! :heart:️:heart:️


Thank you so very much!



Closing up again, babes.
As always, I appreciate your love and support.

I would also like to take this moment to shout-out my favorite mod @Ryan. He always made time for me and more importantly to close and reopen my shop.

That was the homie and he’ll always be the homie.

Thanks again , lovelies!
See you next time :blue_heart:


We appreciate your overlays, Rude! :blue_heart:


Topic closed by OP request.


Where did you get this background from, because I would definitely like to use it? :slight_smile:


It’s from @shellyg’s drive. As much as you want to use it, you can’t save the background from here, you need to get it from your drive.


Thank you so much for this, but I actually already have it, I downloaded it ages, ago, I just forgot who I got it from, stupid I know, but it happens :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


If you wanna use it, you might wanna use the watermarked one in her drive.

If your story is published, credit is still required, but you can use the non-watermarked version.


I don’t currently have access to her drive as the form is not available, should I send her a message to ask if I can use the un marked one as I already have it as long as I give credit?


Can you girls please take this into a pm. Thanks.


hi, i wanted my character to wear a rainbow t-shirt but i couldn’t find one in limelight outfits. could i get an overlay of a rainbow coloured t-shirt?


its for a gay pride scene


Sorry, my shops closed hun


can you tell me someone else who does overlays then