[CLOSED] Share your instas

Yup just accepted and followed u :blush:

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Have you wrote any stories?

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mines is Stormiethewriter. i f4f

would love to

Mine is Art_episode

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Hello @Episode.Cameronwrite, this is Sydney the Moderator.

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Followed all who asked

It’s called fame over friends it’s really crappy but it was it was only for fun :joy:

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Mine is @episode.warrior.gem (it’s through the bio in my linktree) but I’m actually taking a major break off insta lol :yellow_heart::blue_heart:


mine is @majo_epi like my username :star_struck:

I will follow tomorrow as I have school

My Instagram is anaaa.episode! F4F?

Mine is @katiekate.episode. F4F? x


episode.ette :smiley: followed you

Mine is itsabigmommathang


Hello will follow all soon

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Hi I have followed you all