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Beautiful examples :sparkles:

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Do you take request for LL? By the way love your work!!

Sure, if you want you can make a pfp of my LL character for practice.
Password: daddy chill :sunglasses:
β€’ character details Body: Female Athletic (Neutral 01)
Hair: Long Down Wavy Princess Braid (Platinum White)
Eyes: Female Generic (Green)
Eyebrows: Arched think (black dark)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Full Heart (Deep Rose Gloss)
β€’ outfit
Mermaid tulle glitter bridesmaid dress cotton silver
Heart winged open toed heel leather silver
β€’ background and pose reference


I want the pose to be normal wink
β€’ extra details nothing
β€’ deadline not any take as much time as you need

thankq for requesting :sparkling_heart: :see_no_evil:

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Thank you for accepting my request!

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bumping :dizzy:

Hey, Feel free to not take this request I completely get that, If you do decide to accept this request, may I have this? Btw its for the limelight character style if you do that,
β€’ title = Generation Super Human
β€’ how many characters (max 4) = 1 character
β€’ character details
Body Type = Female Athletic Body
Skin Tone Copper 00
Eyebrows = Arched Natural (Light brown)
Hair = Beach wave hair (Light Brown)
Eyes = Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eye (Aqua Blue)
Face = Heart Defined
Nose = Grecian Soft
Lips = Full Heart Pouty (Peach Matte)

β€’ outfits
Crop Striped Metallic Turtleneck Cotton Grey Silver
Ripped Leggings Simple Polyester Complex Color (Black)
Simple Heels Leather Complex Color (Grey Light)
β€’ background and pose reference
Pose = idle_terrified_loop
β€’ deadline
No deadline (take all the time you need)
β€’ any props
No props
β€’ extra details
If you can could she be a screen centre sort of area, and if you can could you be able to see quite a bit of the background, If you can’t do this request it’s fine. BTW all credit would be given in every episode xx

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thankq for requesting :sparkling_heart::relieved:

ill do these 2 requests but im going to close this because its flopping lmao

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can you let me know when you open again so i can request a pfp

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yes,sure :sparkles:

how many characters? (if so, max 2) 2
β€’ character details

Character1: Name: Bastian, Skin: Dark, Brow:Thin Arch, Hair:Generic Short Hair, Eyes:Stoic Almond, Face: Defined Triangle, Nose:Button, Lips: Uneven

Character2: Name: Juno, Skin:Tan Brow: Defined Natural Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Black) Eyes: Upturned Feline (Blue) Face: Round Nose: Elven Lips: Full Round (Taupe)

Character1 body colors i missed cause im stoopid :’): Hair: (Black) Lips: (Dusty Rose)

β€’ outfits

β€’ background and pose reference

Her sitting in his lap laughing on top of on of the washing machines
β€’ text input
This story contains mature themes and strong language
β€’ extra details
I want his hair too look like this
β€’ deadline
1 month


hey, im closed rn but ill be open before a month goes by, ill add you to the waiting list :sparkles:

also @KiimChi drawn or edited?

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Edited please :heart:

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I see that your closed but can you tag me when your open :))

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perfect :heartbeat:

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ofc :sparkling_heart:

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ill be opening the shop so feel free to now request. :sparkles:

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