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Background Characters

How many (no more than 10 at a time)
If they need outfits
What type of outfits are needed (school, business, Casual so on…)
How many girls and how many boys


What type of outfits are needed (school, business, Casual so on…)
How many (No more than 10 at a time.)


Picture of background you want (must be Royal free)
What you would like it to say
If you want any characters on it (if so need a screenshot of them and their details)
Anything extra you want

Profile picture

Picture of background you want (must be Royal free)
Character screenshot and details also
Pose or Reference picture

Art Scene

Character screenshot and details
Picture of background you want (must be Royal free)
Pose or Reference picture


Character screenshot and details
Picture of background you want (must be Royal free)
Pose or Reference picture
Everything you need it to say on it
Big or small cover

Character sheet

Screenshot of character/details of character
Background you want
If you want the outfit also on it then outfit names
Anything else of it




Waiting List
@/MinaMy4531 (Done)
@acaciacreator (being worked on by @episode.blue01)
@Danielle318 (being worked on by @SilverStar)


Hey wanted to request some outfits…
STYLE: Casual…
STYLE: Party Outfits

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I need to know if it’s for girls or boys please :blush: or both and 5 each?
Also sorry for just getting back to you :blush:

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It’s fine… Sorry I forgot to put that though but it’s 5 for the first one and 3 for the second and they are both for girls (Ink)

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That’s okay and I’ll get on it now :blush:

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If there is any you don’t like let me know and I’ll re,ale them☺️

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No they’re perfect thank you so much :heart: BTW I like your art it’s really good… I just didn’t wanna request any because I’m already waiting on a request so sorry if I made you feel… lowered or something Idk (this is me TRYING to be nice I guess) :heart:

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You’re welcome hun and no you’re okay just thankful so,wine requested :heart::hugs:

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Idk wut else to say now so I’m gonna out a heart… :heart:

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Hello there :heart:
Can you make me an art scene as outro?

Female Character

skin:copper 00
brows:Arched Natural Scar
color:Dark Brown
hairstyle:Long Thick Curls
color:Platinum White
eyes shape:Female Generic
face:Diamond Defined Contour
nose:Defined Natural
lips:Full Round Pouty
color:Red Matte
piercing:Nose Stud Silver
tattoo:Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid

Male Character

skin:copper 00
brows:Straight Medium
color:Black Dark
hairstyle:Medium Side Curls
color:Black Dark
eyes shape:Narrow Almond Deep Sunken
color:Ice Blue
face:Chiseled Square
nose:Straight Pointed
piercing:Nose Bridge Studs Silver
Tattoo:Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

Female Outfit

dress:Low Cut Croptopand Skirt Combo Dress Satin Grey Blue Neptune
shoes:Clear Heel High Heels Plastic Navy Blue
accesories:Single Black Band Crystal Crystal Blue True

Male Outfit

shirt:Buttom Up Rolled Up Sleeves Tucked Cotton Red Plum Rose
bottoms:Skinny Slacks Cotton Grey Black
shoes:Classic Pleather Oxfords Lather Off Black

background: no idea choose what you think will match:)


(this is for the pose:) )


I think you should reply to @Blue01.episode because I only do edits… I´m really sorry and this is her art thread btw


@Blue01.episode can you?:slight_smile:

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She might take a while so you´ll have to wait a bit love

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I will try my best on this. :blush: ill start it soon and send you updates as I go.

I need his lips nap and color please

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Do you guys make overlays?

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I can try what are you needing :slight_smile:

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2 chains(they are the same chain so I just need one)! And 2 rubber band colored strings(can one version be snapped?)

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I can try :slight_smile:

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