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request for @kylee.3012
password: Phonebooth on 21st street

How Many Characters Do You Need - 2
Ink Or LL - LL
Gender - 1 female and 1 male
Body Type (Generic, Plus Sized, Female Body, Etc.) - Any body type
Any Necessary Features (Skin Tone, Eye Shape, Face Shape, Etc.) - no
Extras (Freckles, Tattoos, Etc.) - no piercings
When Do You Need Them - no specific time


heyy!! thank for requesting, i can most likely get your characters to you later this evening but if not you will for sure get them tomorrow. do you have names pick out for them or would you like me to name them for you?

@Diabuttan will you add them to my list


yea i want you to name them

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so i had some free time and this is what i came up with!!



Female Athletic Body - Gold 05
Arched Natural Scar - Black Dark
Pony Tail Blunt Bangs - Black Dark
Monolid Slender - Ice Blue
Round Button Upturned
Full Round Pouty - Rose Medium Nude Matte
Extra - Freckles Heavy (08-10)



Male Generic Body - Gold 03
Straight Medium - Deep Brown
Short Side Part Curly - Deep Brown
Narrow Almond Deep Smiling - Brown Dark
Chiseled Angular
Straight Flat
Medium Heart - Beige Gold Matte
Extra - Scar Eye Left (04-07)

if this is not what you imagined please let me know i’ll gladly fix them for you!!



Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Hey there! Whoever reads this- I hope you’re having or have had an amazing day today! :slightly_smiling_face:

Request for: @athenamae
Password: Phonebooth on 21st street

Story Description (for a general idea)

I’m currently writing a story about two detectives and it’s called “Garza and Blake.”(These are their last names.) They’re two detectives that work together and slowly start to fall for one another… and all that jazz!

Character Details

Here’s the male (Greyson Blake):

Here’s the female (Mila Garza):

These are also the outfits that they’d be wearing!


Pose reference:
GARZA AND BLAKE pose reference

Background: They need to be sitting inside of a cop car. (I couldn’t find a good reference, but if you’re unable to draw one I can try my best to find one!)

Special Request: The girl is sitting on the left and the guy is sitting on the right (as shown in the picture) and the girl needs to be looking at the guy and looks somewhat annoyed at his existence, but she likes him deep inside (You know, that look that girls give guys that they like when they pretend to be annoyed at them!) And he needs to be looking at the “camera” smirking and prideful. If you need facial references, I can try and find some! I know my description may be confusing, and I apologize if it is! :sweat_smile:

Title and Title Reference

The title of the story is Garza and Blake.


Could Garza’s name be the white font and Blake’s name be where the font over the white out looking part? If you have a better idea on what it should look like or what would fit better, feel free to do what you like! :slightly_smiling_face:

I really feel like I left something out… and if I did, please let me know! Thank you so much for your time! :innocent: :heartpulse:


May you please help me find the form please :sob: i’m kind if new to this whole process and need some help …


I just need you to answer a couple more questions for me to be able to complete your request.


Do you want a large or small cover (or both)?
Story Genre:
Mood/Theme You’re Going for:

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Under this banner on the first post you can find all the forms…each artist has their own form so fill out the form for the artist you want to request from.
If you have any other questions please feel free to ask :blush:

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Once you reach the forms banner, you tap the little arrows to see the form questions.

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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I understand the process now


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I understand the process now .


Ah crap, of course I forgot the obvious questions :rofl:

Both large and small!
It has a touch of comedy in it… so that would be the mood for the cover.


Your request will be completed in 2-4 days!

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Thank you so much! :grin:

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request for @Episode.george
Password: Phonebooth on 21st streeet

Gender of character Limelight Female
theme of outfit/s It’s for a lawyer so professional
how many you need 2
deadline no deadline