[CLOSED TILL I CATCH UP]Read for reads here! Read just 2 episodes and get your story distinctly reviewed!

I am doing a read for read where your stories will be read and reviewed by me when you read and review my story!

I have only 2 episodes so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to read it.

I will review 3-5 episodes your story(as time is a major factor for me right now)
or even more if I find it fascinating.

I would be grading you on:
Plot: (out of 5). The theme of your story
Grammer: (out of 5)
Directing: (out of 10)
Duration: (out of 5)
Narration: (out of 10)how you put your story together
Cover art: (out of 5)

Total : (out of 40) in percentage

And comments regarding your story.


@natalie81400 invented this helpful grading system. Check out her review thread:

Waiting list:

  1. Pretty Eri :heavy_check_mark:
  2. Margaret.A.nox :heavy_check_mark:
  3. @paumarr (currently reading)
  4. @mikio_writes :heavy_check_mark: (finished early as has only 3 episodes)
  5. Anna.writer
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Hi. There i would do a read for read with you.
Please read the first 3 chapters of my story. It shouldnt be too hard to find
Title: A Divine Tale
Author: Emily Mason
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Ink

Should i read yours first or shall you read mine first?

Hey! I would love to this! Here is the info of my story:

Title: The Nation D: Moon Eyes
Author: P Marroquín
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Style: Limelight
Number of episodes: 6 (ongoing)
Description: Heather is trapped in a place were she can’t go out, but what happens when her best friend and his dead sister offer her a way to get out of there and start a brand new life…! Where’s your new destination? And what dark secrets does it hide? Will you finally find answers to your past?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6435647390351360

Hey! I’m going to read your story right now and reply here after I have with my review :slight_smile:

Title: The Secret of Sherman High
Author: Margaret A. Knox
Episodes: 10 (More episodes coming soon)
Genre: Mystery (with some romance and drama)
Style: INK
Description: Betrayal, secrecy, romance, and scandal await you in the halls of Sherman High…
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5135463616872448

Plot : 4/5 This story has an interesting premise. I like the idea of the Hexodths and their magical abilities and Erysthius being unique, since she doesn’t have an ability yet. However,
Grammar : 2/5 I found that there were many grammatical errors in your story. You may want to go back and fix them.
Directing : 7/10 I like the “Susan points” idea. That’s a fun gameplay aspect. For the most part, your directing is pretty smooth. However, there are times when you could move speech bubbles so they don’t block characters’ faces. Also, you didn’t have any music until the scene where she gets the Neckl. You might want to keep that consistent. There’s a point when you play two sounds at the same time, and that is very unpleasant.
Duration : 5/5 The episodes are a pretty good length.
Narration : 6/10 There is a lopsided amount of narration in comparison to actual dialogue. I would love to see you show more rather than tell your readers what they should be seeing. Also, the pacing of the story is odd at times. You might want to slow it down a little to develop your characters more.
Cover art : 5/5 There’s a lot going on, but that kind of works for your story.
Total : 29/40 Overall, has a lot of potential.

Thank you so much! I will start reading your episodes now and send you a screenshot :hugs:

I will start to read it as soon as you give a review of my story and it’s too short so shouldn’t take a long time.

I will review it and if I like it… will also share it🤗

I will start to read it as soon as you give a review of my story and it’s too short so shouldn’t take a long time.

I will review it in detail and if I like it… will also share it🤗

I read your 2 chapters and here is what I think:
Plot: (5/5) I think it is certainly something different and the fact that you’re using terms invented by you I suppose, It’s great, really original
Grammar: (4/5) I didn’t see any spelling mistakes but I did found some parts were the grammar was like weird
Directing: (8/10) You are great at coding, I saw a really net work, but sometimes the speech bubbles were a bit out of place and I think I heard two different songs at the same time at the end of one chapter
Duration: (4/5) It weren’t super short chapters but I did noticed It was a bit small, I recommend you doing them 1500+ lines so you can have an average chapter
Narration: (6/10) It wasn’t bad, but it could have been better, the two chapters were confusing and when you explained something it was messy and it made references to certain names that confused me way too much because of the messy explanation of them, I mean I realized my name was Erysthius at the middle of the first chapter and I got lost at the part were Aunt Marie was explaining about my parents murder
Cover art: (4/5) Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful but at some point it seems too much, like little details that are out of place

Total: 31/40

I think your story could be way better if you check those points and you could make it a great story!

Thank you so much for the honest feedback. I will read your episodes, send a screenshot and review it in about tomorrow. I will take your points to consideration.

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Hey, I’d like to review your story and I’d be more than happy if you could review 5 chapters of my story. :slight_smile: :pray:

I must say that I’m not a native speaker, but I’ll try to grade the grammar anyway.
Do you want me to post the review here or private or on instragram ? :slight_smile:
Let me know!

Here are my story details:
Title: Dark Temptation
Author: Menia
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 8
Style: Limelight
Description: Popularity, friends and a hot boyfriend: Lia’s life is nearly perfect. But things take a darker turn when a new guy shows up and with him the truth about Lia’s identity…
Reveal the secret of Lia’s 18th birthday. Will you make the right choices?
instagram: episode.menia

hey, I would love to do review 4 review
here’s a link to my story: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6647066234454016
Title: You,Me And The Beat
Number of episodes: 3/ongoing
Author: Anna

I will read your story tonight and review it tomorrow, hope that’s okay :heart_decoration:

I already pm you but i will leave it here too.
Plot 4/5 There’s background story about the MC that the readers want to know more about but the reveal of what happened to her father? I think? Was a bit anticlimactic
Grammar 3/5 It just doesnt sound right
Directing 8/10 I like the part where Susan uses her powers to wake up the MC.
Duration 5/5 Its just right
Narration 6/10 Although there were lots of narration. Do not describe the characters through narration because the readers would want to see it for themselves through dialogue.
Cover art 5/5 It has the MC in it and its simply beautiful
Total 30/40 It would have been higher if it wasnt for the narration and the grammar but everything else is good.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!:laughing: I will read your story after I finish reading the 3 ones who reviewed me earlier. I should be in about tomorrow. I hope that’s ok :disappointed_relieved: thanks again

Yeah! You just need to review it first only then I will review yours😊

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I will surely review it after you send the review! Thanks for your time!

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Plot: (out of 5). 4
Grammer: (out of 5) 5
Directing: (out of 10) 8.5
Duration: (out of 5) 4
Narration: (out of 10). 9
Cover art: (out of 5) 3

Total : (out of 40) 34.5/40

God I love your story!! It’s nearly perfect! I like how you used sound effects which added the feeling. The choices that matter is what I love as well. The cover art looks a bit plain. And I would suggest going for something more appealing. I felt like the first few episodes could be a little longer. There was some minor confusion at some points with the directing (suppose when mc spills tea on Heather it seemed confusing at first that why she was screaming) but it’s really minor! Overall… I would surely recommend it.

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Don’t worry it’s fine:)

Plot: (out of 5). 5 I love the plot
Grammer: (out of 5) 3.5 few typos and some grammatical errors
Directing: (out of 10) 9
Duration: (out of 5) 5
Narration: (out of 10)8
Cover art: (out of 5) 3

Total : (out of 40) 35.5/40 = 89.5%

God how much I love your story. It’s definitely the one to give you chills. The only thing I didn’t like was the narration and dialogue. I felt like it isn’t really clear and “f*cks” are used way lot than necessary. I like the new backgrounds and overlays used here. But I need to admit that you are amazing at coding! Your story is marvellous and I would surely recommend it. I read all 3 and can’t wait to read more!

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yeah the only reason why the words “f*ck” is used because of the character. I don’t really use that much swear words but I only did it for the sake of the personality of the character. Hope you understand.