[CLOSED TILL I CATCH UP]Read for reads here! Read just 2 episodes and get your story distinctly reviewed!

Plot: 5/5 I like fantasy and this storyline works for me :smiley:
Grammar: I didn’t sow any mistakes, BUT english is my 2nd language 5/5
Directing: It was average, I only noticed MC in episode 1 walking backwards to her aunt other than that good job! 8/10
Duration: It was fine, nothing to add here 5/5
Narration: I would advise you to rather show than tell It makes reader hard to follow what is happening to maybe add a few flashbacks? 7/10
Cover art: It’s okay, kinda doesn’t represent the story the best 4/5

Total:36/40 great job! :heart:

Of course! Your story was amazing btw!!

Thank you so much!! I will review your story after I review the others😊

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Thank you so much! I am actually in the process of making new cover art, since I know mine is plain right now :smile: I’ll definitely go back and look at my directing again.

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