(CLOSED to catch up) Adam’s Art Scenesss


Hi! Ok. So…

I probably have at least 5 closed art threads :sob:

I always start a thread but I end up getting sidetracked or uninspired… but this time… this time I’m gonna create some spiffy art for you guys :blush:

Really the only example I can give you guys is this unfinished lineart :sob: I didn’t finish it, but I should!

i will

So that’s kind of what you can expect from me, and don’t mind the hair or anything. It wasn’t shaded, I know. I was just doing base colors :sob:

So I will be happy to take requests!

Please provide me with:

  • a screenshot of your character
  • the outfit of choice
  • the desired pose
  • any extra details you want added to your scene
  • a background

Thankss guys!


Tags… tags… on!

Just request… it doesn’t matter if you use it or not


1- @Bethany1
2- @Terra2
3- @rvaleria322
4- @SarEG
5- @sam.c


your example is one sexy look lol. Cant wait to see it when yr done.


:joy: thank you. I am doing a baseball themed- character for that


niceeee lol. keep up the good work. Its amazing.


I request a warrant.
How dareth you make such a beautiful piece of artwork? :thinking::sob::grin:



Thank you! :blush:


Do the Cubs…


Will do :joy:


I would love to requestttt!


Outfit of choice?: Doesn’t really matter. A grey hoodie?
The desired pose?: Maybe her smiling. With a hoodie on. Something like this,


Any extra details you want added to your scene?
A background?



I’m sorry if this is a looooot. Your art is jusst awesome! :wink:

Btw I’m going to add this to my story. If that’s fine?


That’s perfectly fine nat :blush: I’ll try and have this done ASAP and I’ll check in w/ you with the outline before I move on.


You don’t have to give it to me right away. Take your time please. :sweat_smile:


I have a feeling you would most likely say yes, but does it have to be only one character?


Can you do a Splash with a dawn Character? I want a Warring if so. I’ll send everything you need.


Oh also same thing @Terra2 asked about the characters…

  • a screenshot of your character

    If you only do one Character then just do her. I would like both but if you can’t it’s okay. She will do just fine.
  • the outfit of choice
    If can do him also something close to what he has in the photo and for her just some shorts, shirt and shoes will be fine.(But please don’t make the color’s for her cloths girl…)
  • the desired pose
    Something like her pointing up to the words and him on the other side of the Splash thinking and looking up. (Like him rubbing his chin and looking up to were she is pointing.
  • any extra details you want added to your scene
    I want it to say : Warning this story contains very emotional scenes, mature themes and strong language throughout it.
  • a background
    3e7b032dae51eda406f7c613788a08ae This or something like this

If you can’t or don’t want to do it just let me know, I will understand. :slight_smile:


I will do up to 3 characters, but with each added character it would take more time.

@Bethany1 I will start in it after I’ve gotten @SinaoMua’s done!


Okay, thank you so much. :slight_smile:


Before you read further, I just want to thank you for doing these art scenes, especially with more than 1 character. Also, whenever you start or finish, can you dm me on instagram? (user: epy.terra) If you can’t, I can respond on here as well.

Pose: Cuddling or hugging in some type of way. Standing or sitting is completely fine.

Kaia’s Deets ^(w/ desired outfit^:
Skin Color: Mocha
Hair: Straight (Black)
Eyebrows: Smooth Arch
Eyes: Upturned Luxe (Toffee)
Face Shape: Oval
Nose: Upturned
Mouth: Classic (Scarlet)
Extra Details: Silver studs (earrings) and the letters “JMAM” tattooed on her wrist (doesn’t matter which side)

Ocean’s Deets (^desired outfit):
Skin Color: Light
Eyebrows: Thin Arch
Hair: Long Bangs (Blue Light)
Eyes: Deepset Piercing (Green)
Face Shape: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven (Taupe)
Extra Details: Freckles, INK tattoo on left arm, lip piercing (ring) on the left side of his bottom lip, and at least 4 healed cuts on his right arm.
** Background:**


Wow, looks great! I’ll be posting once I get to my laptop!


Hi! I’d like to request an art scene that consists of 2 characters! They are already in the outfits I want them to be wearing:

As for the pose, I would like the girl to be sort of sneaking a glance at the boy. She is nervous and shy at the moment. The guy I would like with his arms crossed (like above) and kind of staring into space, as if thinking what to say.

Here is the background I’d like:

If possible, please have them standing in the moonlight!

Thank you so much in advance!