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Hi, I’m Chief Angel!! I want to open an Art Shop on IG called “Ocean Blue” and I’m looking for other people who would like join me. Let to know down below. :arrow_down:

If you are interested click on the link down below:

Hope you join! :smile: :relaxed:

Ocean Blue IG: @epy.oceanblue
My Other Account: @epy.chiefangel

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May i? My ig is @epi.kit_kat if u r interested

I do ink
Mature themes and strong language
Music and sounds used
To be continued


Sure I’d love you to join. Thank you! :smile:

I am available everyday for about 5 hours

Sure no worries

I made these edits

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Wow!!! I love your style, it very unique! :heart_eyes:

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THank u

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I’ll let you know when I have the art shop is opened :smile:

Okay sure
Will it be on ig? Its the easiest way to get help

I might be interested im usally avalible most days atm as i domt have college but udslly for a few hours each day :blush: if u want to see some of the work i do its on my insta epi.jazz17 i have only done covers or backgrounds so far like art scenes

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Yes, it’s going to be on IG

Okay thanks

Ok cool and thanks for joining! :smile:

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Thank u for the opportunity

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@Epy.ChiefAngel wats ur ig

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I updated my topic so just check there :smile:


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Dmed u

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