-CLOSED- (V.H Art Shop)

Yoo, i’m in need of a splash!
Only one character btw

Characters Details:

Body: female generic body, gold 02

Brow: high arched angle, dark brown


under boob lenght

Eyes: deepset almond, brown black

Face: diamond defined contour

Nose: pointed downturned

Lips: full round pouty, red deep matte

Character size: full body

Outfits: Ribbon Fabric Jeweled Choker Cotton Red True, Zippered Belt Off Shoulder Romper Cotton Grey Black, Chunky Tread Ankle Boots Leather Black

Extras: silver septum, and Snake And Rose Tattoo Ink Multicolor

Request Details:

  • What kind of splash (N/A if not a splash): end of episode, like where you tell the readers to follow your ig for sneak peeks.

  • Title/Text (N/A if not a cover/splash): “Follow me on instagram
    for sneak peeks, updates and more!”

  • Facing Direction: right (and put her on the far left and the text next to it)

  • Edited or Drawn: everything edited except for hair.

  • Background (N/A if transparent):

  • Similar Pose Picture: idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop (when eyes facing right)

  • View (Full Body; Waist Up; Bust Up or Face Close-Up): full body

  • Font Style (N/A if not text included; Preferably a picture):
    as anything similar to this.
    also color, white, and green faded together

Light + Shadow effects

  • With or without light: no light, but shadow yes.
  • If yes; Light direction: the shadow should be like very very faded fog, like almost invisible
  • If yes; Light color: green

Thank you!!

Please read and follow the rules.

what did i do wrong? oh wait, its closed?

Requests for edits are closed right now.

oh, aight. when will they re-open?

If the list’s empty, or if I decide that I can open them again earlier.

@KikiMoon @Kanubish

I’m so sorry you both already had to wait for so long. But, unfortunately, I have to let you know that I can’t finish your requests anymore. I’m really sorry that you had to wait for nothing, but I just can’t continue the way I’m working now.

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Also, I have to cancel any other requests as well, I have to find a way to ease my mind currently.

@Dark_Clover21 @phoenix.brunet @0Mina0 @MemeWrites @Suki_writes


No problems at all, health always comes first!

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I don’t know what happened, but I want you to know that I’m not angry with you at all for cancelling my request.

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I’m glad, thanks for your understanding.

No problem, I hope you get better soon.

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As mentioned after my break is over the shop will have some changes.

Just for my plans, I once owned a reference pose shop (closed now), if there’s any interest I will add it on here.

References as part of the shop?
  • Yes
  • No

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For everyone who didn’t know about it, this was my old shop: Reference Pose Shop

For those who haven’t seen it, I’m currently collecting new examples for the reopening of this shop.

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:arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:
For (mainly INK) edits check out the link right above!
I’m looking for some INK models as well there!

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Oh… :cry:
Well, thank you for letting me know! Take care of yourself!

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Thank you.

I guess I ended up making false promises. I’ve thought a lot lately about this and also the thread where I collect examples. Both made me realize that this whole editing request thing just isn’t my thing anymore. I’ve had a hard time getting myself to work, which was the reason why the requests always took so long. So I made the decision that I don’t want anyone to wait this long anymore, nor does it feel like I could handle all of this any longer.
Edited requests won’t be part of my offers anymore, and since I’m currently not able to do drawn requests either, I’ll close this shop.
I’ll wait and see if things might change in the future, and maybe someday I’ll come back to edited requests.
There might be a new shop/thread once I feel ready to do drawn requests again, but for now I’m done with requests.

Thank you all for your requests, patience, support, and everything else. I really enjoyed the past two years with this shop.


@Sydney_H please close this.


Closed by OP request :smiley: