*CLOSED* You Can Get All Styles In One Story!

Episode I have seen plenty of videos on how to get ALL three styles in one story. And I didn’t want to do it because I don’t know if it is there on purpose. What you do is when you create a new story you then go to the URL address and you changes story to character and then. BOOM! All of the styles are usable! I have tried it and it works but I want to know if it was intentional or not. I don’t think it is but… You never know unless you ask!
I have tried so many different things to find your problems but I haven’t found anything!


Can you explain this? I think I understand what you’re saying but I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

It does really work!!! I tried it. HAHA! Lol see you go at the top of the website and you see it says story in the episode interactive website when you’re making your new story. Then once you see that, backspace story and they type in character, It works.

im still sooooo confused but it would be so cool to try that!

If this is possible, my INK style character would ask my LIMELIGHT style character, “Why you so baby-faced, girl? Ever heard of makeup?”. And then my CLASSIC style character would say to my INK style character, “We know that you’re pretty and everyone thinks you’re pretty. No need to brag. It’s getting old…”.

P.S. I hope this is what the convo is about in this thread, right?


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  1. Create a new story in the Writer’s Portal
  2. Click the URL:


  1. Change story to “character” so it becomes:


  1. Start making characters!

This allows for you to create a story with all three character styles (Classic, Ink, and Limelight).


It does work, but it’s not like you can use INK clothes for the LL characters or Classic actions for Ink or anything. Also, I’m not sure how it would turn out if you tried to publish a Frankensteinian, all styles story.

Probably like this…

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Can you publish it still?

I believe you can. (I would warn against it, though.)

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it doesnt work for me :frowning:

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I’d be interested from @Cass @Liz @Trinady if this is something we can/should do or not. I’ve seen people publish stories like this (with all three styles) and I’d hate to see their hard work go to waste if it’s going to be removed. I remember when the athletic body type and other hidden features were removed along with hidden backgrounds. Would just be nice for us for us to get clarification so we know if we should be doing this or not. Thanks ladies x


Hey everyone, there are no guidelines against doing this however, it is a glitch. If you are using this in your story its probably okay. It is not a great idea to make use of a glitch because we can’t guarantee that it will function correctly always or that it won’t get fixed at some point in the future.


I agree! I love this idea. I think it would be really cool and funny.

oh my god HAHA this works!!!

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She is talking about three style in one story, example: Ink, LIMELIGHT, Classic in one story

It doesn’t work for me too

Can We use Ink character DRESS in limelight??

When I do, “https://www.episodeinteractive.com/write/character/ Story_name” It Always open with LIMELIGHT character only

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You have to make a brand new story.

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There’s actually a story that uses them all! It’s pretty great.

H & V: Pregnant By My Twin’s Student’s Gang Leader Dad by J. Miley.