{CLOSED} Messy Art Shop

Hi! Welcome to @melaniesmall, @Youngbl00d, and @Jess2112’s art shop! We only accept the following:

  • Drawn Covers
  • Drawn Splashes
  • Drawn Art Scenes
  • Drawn PFPs
  • Drawn Character Cards

We will only be accepting two requests at the start of each month - if all goes according to plan.

Please read the information found under the following banner. It will contain instructions on how to request - from securing a slot to receiving the piece.

How we complete requests

@Youngbl00d will create the pose for the request
@melaniesmall will outline the pose
@Jess2112 will colour the outline

Our requesting process

First, you fill out the form found underneath the “Secure a Slot” banner in which you enter your forums username, a reasonable deadline, and the request type (art scene, cover, etc.) - this is instead of asking to be tagged and ensures a first come first serve basis throughout. When we are all ready to accept again, the next two requests will enter the next step.

Second, we will announce that we are accepting and tag those who are next with the appropriate form(s) attached, you will then provide your details for us as a reply within the thread. If you have not broken any of our rules we will then add you to the waiting list and begin the request.

Third, you will receive your request and be removed from both the waiting list and the response on the form. This is so you can request in the future and ensure that there will not be any mix-up.

  • No thread hopping.
  • Do not use our examples or art given to others.
  • You must credit all three of us; we put time and effort into completing your request so please put time and effort into crediting us.
  • Please do not be rude. Manners go a long way.
  • Do not stress or rush us, we have a life outside of this.
  • Please note that we have every right to deny any request for any reason.
  • Please use this password when securing a slot jelly
  • While we are happy to make changes to the artwork, we do have limits so please make any necessary, minor changes when you see the outline.
  • There is a maximum of two characters in art scenes, covers, and splashes. The other art pieces have a maximum of one character.
  • Make sure you have read the information under the above banner. It is very important in understanding our process.

Make sure you have read the information found underneath the banner entitled ‘Please Read’ since it contains everything you need to understand our process.

In order to secure a slot for your request, please click the following link.

If we think we have reached a large amount of response in our form, we will close it. If you click the link and the form is in fact closed, please understand it is not a mistake,

Secure A Slot Form Link

:x: Request has been canceled or declined

:white_check_mark: Request has been completed

  1. @Solarnetic :white_check_mark:
  2. @JustAPerson :white_check_mark:

Please credit us through our Instagrams @epy.cherry.art, @melanie.episode.writes and @youngbl00d.creates


I love the banners!
May I be tagged when you are open? :blush:

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Thank you and of course!

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Stunning examples I would absolutely love to request from you once you open so please feel free to tag me! ( :

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I think we already arranged sum’ but may I be tagged? :upside_down_face::heartbeat:

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Heyaa can ya tag me when the shop opens :blush:?
Love the examples :heart_eyes::star_struck:


Sure thanks!!

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Our shop is open and accepting three requests!



May I request!

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Of course!

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I just need a drawing of Noah looking cheekily into the camera, that’s all! With no background. A black T-shirt will do for an outfit, and it doesn’t have to be full body. May it look like that one you did as I love that style.

Your example


If you need anymore details let me now! :heartbeat:

Oops! Forgot the password jelly

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If we have any questions then we will contact you!


Great! Tysm! :heart::heart: There is no rush btw so don’t stress xo

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No problem and thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey I’d like to request


Go for it!


What are you requesting? Artscene
Length of character? (Full body, knees up, hips up, shoulders up, neck up) full body
Ink or LL? ink
Number of characters (max of two): 1
Character details:


Character pose:


I have 2 poses…anyone of them will work :slight_smile:

Character outfit:


Theme: Mafia / Action
Other: Ear Piercing


Do you want the background blurred? Yes please
Do you have a pose reference? yes I have mentioned it above


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Just to let you know, if Mel finds the pose too hard, she may ask for a different one! But for now, she’ll try her hardest :revolving_hearts: