Closet Coding Chaos

Hey Episode writers!

I have recently made 20 outfits for the MC to change into for her closet. However, when I plug them into choices, they ALL appear on the same page. Does anyone know how to add the words “Next”, “Back”, and “Wear this outfit” so the reader can flip pages to wear an outfit?
I greatly appriciate it!

(I previewed this on my phone too. IDK)


I suggest checking on google, or coding them into categories. There are great tutorials on youtube of how to do this. I could look up some example for you

Ok! Thx, I tried looking for videos on “closet making” I couldn’t find one, Thank you so much

I actually found out how to do it lol

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]

Try this!

Capture 4

Lol, that makes sense. I only ask how you plug it in to the script, because I never used that code b4. (referring to screenshot)

Oh okay, did it work?

Ok, I’m testing it out now, brb. :slight_smile:


ps. it only needs to be on one choice name x

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It Works!!! Thank you so much!! :grin:

Happy to help!

Closed: Marked as solved by thread Op @KyFire :grin:. Thanks to @MissMiaDales for the help & assist! :ok_hand: