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Hi there!
I am trying to write a new story, but came across a snag. I want to use the if/elif/else model to create a dress up game. However, they are not working for the remembering part of the script. I’ve done a lot of testing and trials, but don’t see what the issue is.
Would someone be so kind to tell me what I’m messing up in the coding?
Thank you so much for your help!

    • Jennifer Aria

[To explain:
The game I want to make has three branch options. Sexy outfits, Casual outfits, and Sophisticated outfits.
I divided the outfits into separate labels and separate sections.
The first two screenshots are of the game & the last two are of the code for remembering the outfits.]

From my understanding, it looks like you need to use a gain. So when your character changes into the specific outfit, it should say “gain nameofoutfit” and then that outfit will be remembered. If I’m correct, in the remembering section of your code after your character changes into an outfit, you should type “gain AYALLA_CasualBetty0” and so on for each outfit.

Hope that helped lol. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I was thinking I may have to use gains, but I really wanted to use if/elif/else. That’s cool though. Thank you for your help!

The choice name and option method will not work in a customization template or repeated choices.

More detail here:

You’re welcome! :smile:

Thanks for the link!

No problem :sunglasses:

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