Closing Cover & Background Topic


So I have official asked @Sydney_H and/or @Jeremy to close my Cover/Splash topic and my background edit topic!

I will be finishing up the request I have waiting. Then I have to take a break from art request to fix myself! This is hard for me to type! Please people waiting on art bare with me. I am working on your request. If you filled out a form on my splash/cover thread I probably haven the gotten it so let me know about it and I’ll check it!

Thank you all for understanding!


No worries there’s no rush on my cover request, just send it to me whenever you finish it.


Thanks for understanding…


No problem, I hope you feel better I know it can be stressful.


Thank you


Hi. are you feeling less stressed?


Yes… I’m on your cover now… :grin: So I will be starting tomorrow on it.


Woohoo! Where is the dancing animation when you need it? :joy:


Lol… yes indeed…