Closing Our Own Threads


i don’t think it’s possible atm, but i think we should be able to close our own threads. i’ve made many threads before and had to ask Jeremy and Ryan to close them, sometimes it takes a while (because they have lives or are doing other jobs on the forums), and people still respond when you don’t want them to (like on request threads). Can we be able to close our own threads so it’s automatic and easier? Just a suggestion :sparkling_heart:

also this suggestion doesn’t interfere with Jeremy and Ryan’s jobs. they should still close threads that don’t follow the guidelines and things like that, but for threads where we get our answers or just want closed, i think we should be able to do close them ourselves.


@stronglcve I don’t think you can close the threads by yourself, but if you find a way, can you pm me @tessieannette


That’s why she’s suggesting this idea. It’s a feature request since it’s not possible for us to close our own threads.


@granolias oh, I get it now, thanks for replying to me. :blush::grinning::grin:


Bump? And… SUPPORT




Support! :slight_smile:






I think that is what the solved box is for. I think they are working on it