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Hey Loves,

My name is Alyssa. I know that a lot of people here have written a story and this is the place to promote it. I am looking for new stories to read, and I’m sure a lot of people are as well. So, this is the place to do that.

:two_hearts: Alyssa

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My story “She was the player”

Okay, I will be sure to check it out. :wink:

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Hey !! Thanks for creating this thread :slight_smile: !! I just finish re-editing my first story!!! :heart:

Story title : Sandy and her Quadruplets
Author : R.J.
Genre : Comedy
Description : How can she survive with noisy and disobedient quadruplets? Will she finally find the father of her sons ? Here’s the crazy life of Sandy and her quadruplets!
Link :

I will check it out thank you!

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You’re welcome!!! Do you have any stories that I can read? :slight_smile:

Here are some stories I recommend:

The New Girl
Rebounding With Bad
My Episode Lover
The Bachelor Island
The Shaw Brothers
Dream Job: The Tension
Taking It Off

Some of these are pretty popular so sorry if you have already read them haha.


TITTLE: From Zero to Hero
AUTHOR: Dr.Smile

Okay I will check it out thanks!

Lol I just read :
The New Girl
The Bachelor Island

I’ll check out the others thanks!!! :slight_smile:

no problem!!

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Thanks for starting this thread! If you want to check it out here is my story:

Title: The Essentia Chronicles
Author: Tldax913
Style: Ink
Genre: fantasy
Description: Kadence is a powerful essence with a troubled past. Will she be able to embrace her power in time to save her realm or will darkness consume her?
Link: HTTP://
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I will check it out thank you!

Hey, I’m TJLink! I just published my story and I’m really excited to share it, thanks!

Title: The Amber Ring
Author: TJLink
Genre: Mystery/Drama
Style: Ink
Summary: “The suicide of a friend, mystery, danger, and love lead you [Valora] to the adventure of a lifetime. Will you and your hot crush live until the end? Choose your fate.”
Link [on the app]:
Insta: @tjlink.episode

how do I get the other kind of link? I’m not sure if this one will work :confused:

I will check it out thanks!

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Is that the link you find at the bottom of the story page? The share link or the other one?

Oh sorry! I figured it out LOL

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Okay great!

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Hey, @AlyaSS! Thank you for creating this thread! I’d love if you could take a look at my story. Here are the details:

Title: Fantastical: Silhouettes
Author: aprilish
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Style: Ink
Blurb: Arion’s ready to risk it all to make her dreams come true. Leslie sees him every day, yet fails to recognize who he is. Watch them fall in love…without ever meeting each other.

My Instagram: @aprilish.episode

Thank you so much! Have a great day! :two_hearts: