Closing the Role-Playing and Story Games Sub-Forum

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Are you guys being serious?! This is so ridiculous!

Many people love RP-ing, including myself. How can you do this?!


@wanderingechoes - What can i do to help?


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I think it would be cool if episode hosted a role play competition, and the role play that wins has to make a episode story based on the role play with the same characters. That way the role plays could be related to episode. They could make a section on the app called Roleplay Winners. But that would mean they would have to loosen their guidelines a little and make the roleplay winner section the only section where you can write fanfiction, or stories based on other media. This is just my thoughts Please don’t take offense to this.
@Melani3 @Sydney_H @Nick @Arlene Please listen to this suggestion.


Oh man. This is sad. I know I haven’t been active for a long time. But I still always loved roleplaying. Even if the idea doesn’t go through it nice to see people gathering together to have a dialogue. This is gonna be a big downer for me. I always member the fun I had roleplaying.


@Melani3 why just why?
You’re going to lose a lot of forum users, you’re going to get a lot of hate but right now you guys are being ridiculous. Roleplaying was such a good experience and you’re taking it away. You’re taking this away but not General Chat?! So many people have been enjoying the roleplay section? People would spend HOURS on the Roleplay Section and all it takes for you guys is Bippity, boppity boop for it to go? You’ve also wasted our time. I’m sorry for my little rant but this was your worst decision ever. If you’re taking this away at least take away General Chat as well.
There will be a lot more hate threads around here.


@Melani3 might as well take down the whole forum website if you’re taking the roleplay subsection down.


I want to put my two cents in this also.

I’ve never personally used the Role-Playing and Story Games forums but I still believe this is unfair. Many people have created everlasting friendships from this section, and you’re shutting out a part of your forums for “more engaging, friendlier, and more positive place” even though the Role-Playing and Story Games Sub-Form has not been involved in any drama (that I know of) and is one of the most active, engaging, and friendly sub-forms I’ve seen. I’m not going to blame any of the mods for this, as they’re just doing their jobs, and it’s most likely the higher-ups who made this decision rather than them, but many Roleplayers are going to suffer from this and some may not but this is still a bit heartbreaking. I feel bad for those who have built unique stories and tales that have last weeks or even months and the people who have put work into creating an active, engaging world. I personally even believe some of these stories were better than some of the “stories” that are on your app like I love seeing “Dating My Mafia Daddy” on trending. (I don’t mean for that statement to offend anyone). So much freedom was given to users but when you remove that, you’re closing a part of your community. The sub-forum was a home to many users and create many memories for them, but soon that home might be gone. I know you’re trying to revamp the app and forums so it can align with your goals but this isn’t always the answer.


Everything, what had to be said, is already said. But I would still like to briefly share my personal experience.

I’ve never participated in this forum’s section, since I’ve come here quite recently (but I was going to! Obviously, not anymore >.>). The text RP has been a major part of my free time for years. Not only have I met plenty of amazing people and a best friend of mine through this activity, but learnt a lot of new. It may sound a bit weird and unrealistic, but because of my passion to the RPG’s I’ve learnt English. I’ve learnt to use photoshop and draw, because it motivated me to create. And this forums is about creating, be it writing, art or anything else.

That’s why I personally think, that the RP section does belong here. Besides, I really don’t see how and whom it can disturb.


I can’t believe they’re closing this thread down! This was a big part of my life when I first started basically the only reason why I would come to the forums. It’s crazy because sadly I’ve been so inactive and coming back to this breaks my heart, it’s true when they say cherish what you have because sometimes we’re to focused in life that we forget things that make us happy. I was only 13 years old and I’m about to be 20… bro that’s crazy lmaoo but I hope y’all think y’all are making the right decision because honestly it’s the worse. This was a lot of people’s happy place.


Even though I’ve never been interested in roleplaying personally, my heart still breaks for the roleplaying community. You can clearly see how much roleplaying means to so many people, and it’s going to be a major loss for roleplaying fans and the forums as a whole.

My condolences, RPing community. :pensive:


Episode when all the active users leave


I’m willing to help


Oh, right, I’m open to help~ ^.^


Tbh, other than coming on here to lend some coding help, RPing is definitely one of my favorite things to do. I’m not sure why this decision was such an important one to take. There are plenty of other aspects of this forum that should and could be addressed. I’m very saddened by this news.


I think getting rid of people who are here only for RPG is the main aim of removing this section. If someone is not interested in Episode, he’s not a valuable user here :slight_smile:


Both are really dumb. If they never wanting people to rp than they should have never had the rping section to begin with. :joy::joy:🤦

Secondly I feel like nobody is really loyal to episode, and some were but now it’s gone. The only thing episode did was lose more “loyal episode” people anyway. Whatever there plan was seems like it backfired.

Thinking about it I wonder how you would feel if they took away the things you use on episode? Would you not say anything and just let it happen? Would you be a bystander and watch as they take away the thing you love about the forums? What if they deleted the app itself? Would you not complained? If they didn’t want negative feedback they never should have done it in the first place. 🤷🏽


Okay, first of all: what you’re not going to do is try to start things with me because I stated my opinions on possibilities of why episode might have chosen to do it.

Second of all: We have no idea why Episode actually decided this. They could have been all for the RP/SG section up until a certain point. Maybe something happened we don’t know about.

Third: The forums here has actually gained users, so obviously everyone’s plan to leave and watch them fail didn’t work.

And lastly: I will not have my opinions attacked because I (and others) were calling out the complete and total childishness on this thread. Have a civil conversation, make your complaints that’s fine. However, people have gone about it in a not respectful way. You’re all upset. We all get it. No one is denying your right to get upset, but I’m not going to be the scapegoat for you. :metal:


I don’t really do RP. At least not on the episode forums. But here’s my opinion on this situation.

RPing hasn’t “hurt” the forums. If anything, it’s made them better. Roleplaying is a big part of helping people become better writers on Episode. So taking it away can hurt the app.

I understand episode can do whatever they like because it’s their business. However, I just see it as a poor choice, especially given the (lack of) reasoning.

Episode can take away the section, but they cannot take away the bonds everyone has built. And fortunately there are a lot of other roleplaying platforms out there. So I hope everyone will still keep at it, and not let this news diminish friendships/relationships that were built in these forums.