Closing the Role-Playing and Story Games Sub-Forum

This will likely be flagged or outright ignored as it’s criticism but the changes happening within the forums aren’t okay :frowning:

I took a break from episode for a few monthes and let me tell you, the forums used to be a different place. Criticism was allowed but people called episode out on tons of issues. Moderators were banning outspoken users, closing update threads, flagging innocent posts, and basically going full combat with users that had an opinion.

Whether you see “criticism” and getting called out as “bullying” or “disrespect to episode” it’s a REALLY bad look to silence consumers of your products. I assume your solutions to criticism is “put in a ticket, email us your issues blah blah.” Well those interactions are pushed under the rug and frankly the episode employee’s that respond to emails/tickets are automated or entirely unhelpful/at times uncooperative.

I wouldn’t think I would have to tell you guys what a forum is meant for but It appears that I do since your silencing everyone and making it poor place. Forums are meant to hold criticism, It’s a way for users to communicate with staff and other users directly. When you post an opinion on the forums you get others to voice their struggle as well. This makes the issue bigger and more substantial; thus making issues more likely to be addressed. Removing features and silencing opinionated users will damage the amount of users on the forums. Perhaps even players.

The moderation on this site is way too strict and unforgiving. You guys used to inform users on correct categories and change it for them. Now you’re just locking threads over small mistakes. Stop silencing people and take the criticism. All you guys have done is basically told us to shut up and deal with it.

Stop changing the forums… this includes rp.


ya’ll ain’t making the forums a more positive place. you’re making it a stricter place where people are silenced. when will u guys learn


If replying is starting things, then yeah he is really starting things.

Wheres the evidence? Please show it, because you make this sound like a fact.

Its not childish, you kiss-ups on the forum will called anything childish that you don’t agree with. They are expressing how they feel, I’m sorry should they be professional with their feelings? They shouldn’t have a limit on how to express themselves and be called names.

Yeah, because everyone is going to be respectful when someone is making a rash decision. Mute the thread if it bothers you. Can’t wait to see your reply about how you’re being attacked Happy day :upside_down_face:


I’m sorry if this Is to long. I suggest just reading the last paragraphs. This is probably going to be one of my last posts this month 🤷🏽

people really need to stop putting words in people mouths

I stated my opinion as well. I believe that you was wrong and I respectfully disagree with you. I also never said you were dumb I said that what episode was doing is really bad.

That I agree with, but I think they should have at least told us why they are doing this instead of just saying it isn’t in line with our goals, because it seems like episode just wanted to removed this category because they didn’t see the need in it anymore. And if that’s the case they should had said it or never had this section. What they did broke many hearts and left many people with empty memories. People are going to come back to nothing, and that’s like giving someone the world and taking it away from them.

I think everyone plan was to start over someone else. It doesn’t matter to me if episode keeps growing I just want to be able to rp again somewhere I know it won’t be taken from me. I hope that I could find a place that grows and have a nice community who doesn’t think everything is a argument because someone disagree with them.

Nobody is attacking you. I promise I’m not coming at me. It seemed like you were coming at Rose because of legit “I literally never said that.” They were both expressing there thoughts and Rose was confuse as to why she was responding to her post.

I’m confused by this sentence. If you get why we upset why said we are acting childish? I don’t see how someone can be respectful about being truly upset?

Here’s what I think episode should have done. They should had address the problem by pming those specific people and fixing it by having a civil conversation.

Not only did they banned the people without giving them a chance to prove themselves or get a second chance but they are completely destroying a whole section. What good does destroying a entire city just because someone made a mistake. The best situation wold be to talk to that person and figure out how to work through this.

Episode has been doing this for a while. They expect you to do a support ticket when they could have talked to you and figure out the best situation.

For example I was banned because of joking about my age: and they didn’t send someone to ask me the true, instead I have to go through a long process of fixing it. When the problem could have been completely avoided.

Other people went through the same thing, but it’s worst because now they just completely destroying a culture… a home.

Episode should fixed the rules. They need to pm someone before they get banned or suspended. Have a conversation and figure situations out. A cop can’t go on evidence along they need a victim or talk to the suspect to better understand the situation. If Episode is short handed than get more mod/admins. People would do this job for free just to help out the community.

They also like @ZADDY said need to be more flexible. They shouldn’t completely destroy a thread without pming the thread owner or talking to them. They shouldn’t destroy a thread, if it’s in the wrong category, and if they make rules than they should follow it as well. What good is a boss if he doesn’t follow his own rules?

Same for flagging… actually have it where multiple people have to flag a post before it get hidden. And don’t let people abuse it. Have a limit to how many posts you can flag a day and that goes for mods as well.


Community stories…lol… Episode literally is tanking themselves…lol


Kind of surprised that role playing/story games are going to be banned considering it’s a writer’s community. I wonder how banning a form of creative writing will help the forums be more “in line with Episode’s goals”.


Well they already made the rules for stories even stricter so…who knows what could happen

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Hi! I’m back again, and I need to say something. Ok. This is not to be rude or anything, there’s just no nice way to say this: where is episode? like I mean with all of this commotion that has been going on for like 3 days, it’s weird to me that episode hasn’t said anything? Does anyone else feel this way?

I mean legit nothing. Zero. Zip. I just find it a bit off that with all of this, they aren’t saying anything


All of us waiting for Episode’s response:


Us realizing that Episode is probably just going to ignore us:



RIGHT! They just go “BOOM! BAD NEWS” and they said:



This is the real facts right here :100: :100: :100: :clap:t5: :clap:t5:


EXACTLY. Majority of those people who make accounts aren’t even active. Some havent been on since 2014-2017


Y’all gonna lose the roleplay/anime community, which was a huge part in the forums. Sometimes I wonder what the heck the Episode devs are thinking.


@Melani3 May i ask what specifically led you to remove an entire category? I don’t quite understand why Episode’s direction would conflict with the rping section, considering it does help others with things like writers block and gettin back in the swing of things.

I def think a little more elaborating on the reasoning can help us better understand. That way there’s more room to move on to the next steps to better discuss any concerns

(FYI for anyone really bummed about no longer having the rping category here, rolegate is a REALLY good rping spot and some of the campaigns and homebrew made by the DMs are fantastic!)


Guess I have no use for my username…



um, welp- so… i have been inactive from the epi forums since jan 17-

but why?? WHYYY!

i have so many memories, so many things! im sick of these stunts, the rp station was like my home, i may have embarrassing memories but like. really?

please, tell me who asked for this? name one, :clown_face:- like, i well MOST of us put so much effort in making characters for role-plays, but episode really went like :chart_with_downwards_trend:. i don’t rlly feel welcomed no more. :sob: so then its settled i have booked a ticket for march 6th out of this toxic place? if i ever come back to be active on anything, please tell me what forum we landing on?

main babes i'll miss

@maddy_roleplayz ~ gavin & maia will always stay in ma heart :pensive: :sparkles:

» episode = :clown_face: «

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I’m sorry I’m just seeing this. I’ve made it possible for you to send PMs




I did