Closing the Role-Playing and Story Games Sub-Forum

Because my account on the Episode Forums revolved around roleplaying (and am just realising, when the sub-forum gets deleted along with all my posts, my account is going to seem like it was never really active), there now is nothing keeping me on this site. Therefore this will probably be my last ever post on the Episode Forums (now it has to be… otherwise the dramatic exit won’t be as effective!).

Though my last post was about trying to convince a reconsideration, this one is definitely more of a goodbye - as I probably won’t be on here anymore, which is crazy to think since this was once my go-to website every day for so long. I still believe it is a genuine shame that getting rid of the Roleplaying Sub-Forum was the only way to go forward, but there’s only so much we can do, and this is something we clearly don’t have any power in changing.

I would like to thank Episode, though, for providing this place to express ourselves and grow as writers for so long, leading me to go onto some incredible roleplays with equally incredible people. Though my roleplaying journey is far from over, it won’t be the same knowing that the notable roleplays, like Gossip Girl, Fairytaled, Exousía School for Exceptional Teens, AYTO S6, and so many more, will not be here anymore to look back on.

I guess there’s nothing more to for me to say, so I’m logging off now. Maybe I’ll come back on occasionally for a quick second when I feel like it, but, like I said, there’s nothing keeping me here anymore.

– Ella :v:t3:

is this going to be flagged for off-topic? guess i won’t ever find out haha


Awww… I’ll miss you too!! :heart:


Well, this is upsetting. Please don’t close any more places on the forums. I love chatting with others here.


Two more days?

Wasn’t enough time :sob:.




Seriously??? You told us you would delete it at 10AM PST!

Where’s our warning!? It’s not even 10AM PST yet and you’ve already deleted everything?! We barely were making the time anyway, but then you just cut us off before the time we were told with no warning, no apology, nothing. Not even a word.


ITS GONE ALREADY? Listen episode WE HAVE A TON OF STUFF To SAVE why the actual heck would u do this? KNOWING we need to copy and paste EVERYTHING


It’s back up and his been up for the past 5+ minutes. It was us testing to make sure we were prepared for the time we specified. My apologies for any confusion.


@Nick, a moment of your time if you please, as you are the member of the Episode we’ve heard from on this subject since this was announced . I was just wondering what Episode are thinking about the negative affect this has had on the Episode community?


Can’t comment on this. Best thing would be to submit a ticket as indicated in the op post.


I submitted a ticket when this was first announced and never got a response, and I’m sure several others have had the same experience.


I have. The day of the announcement. As has MANY, MANY others. Yet, I hear no reply. Why, @Nick? Why have they chosen to post this, yet not actually listen to cry from their audience; the people who use their product?


This would be another question that you can send Episodes way via ticket as I am only an Admin of the forums and cannot speak on behalf of Episode’s decision making process.


You could perhaps speak with them and suggest that they give us more information or at least reply back to our endless tickets! Please, @Nick?


@CrazyCaliope lol it take time for the team to respond to tickets, they have a small team and not that big, and oh, and come on don’t pressure Nick on asking them to come talk to us because maybe their busy having a meeting regarding this or something else (not sure if it’s coronavirus but you know). lol. Melani is also a good one to talk to regarding this, and hopefully she’ll be back to answer our questions. :sob: :woman_shrugging:t3: :thinking:


Wow, y’all actually went and did it. Thought you would wuss out.


I’m still waiting for them to tell us that it was all a prank and that the RP section won’t get deleted :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::no_mouth:


For all those who want something to mark this moment.

I will now leave to a place where I am actually wanted. If anyone wants me, you know where to find me.


Episode logic:

I really wonder if there will ever be any official statement about their reasons or if it´s “just it”. :thinking:


Finally finished looking through this thread and I’m still pissed despite it having been three weeks or so now. Especially considering the short amount of time that everyone had to archive their posts-- it’s absolutely ridiculous. Closing the section is one thing, but on such short notice?
The old place I use to roleplay at gave us a year to gather our posts. And even then, it is still possible to access everything on your old account as long as you used an option that they provided to back it up. Oh, and they actually gave everyone a decent reason as to why they were shutting down :upside_down_face: