Closing the Role-Playing and Story Games Sub-Forum

It didn’t even build friendships or bonds in the community :woman_facepalming:


Exactly! It didn’t bring anything but sadness to the community.


I’m kinda upset that I joined the forums after the rp section shut down. It looks like it was a lot of fun.

Why did episode even think this was a good decision? Though whatever it is, whatever we say, it doesn’t look like they’re bringing it back ://


Hold up, I was looking for RP threads after just coming back to forums after awhile and this is what I come back to? Lol! I guess I’ll have to find some other website. Which there are many that we all could find so I wouldn’t be too upset yall.


Hello, I just wanted to say that this thread was found by me a few seconds ago.
I knew episode had banned the role playing section, but I’ve never actually seen the original thread it was in.
So I’d like to say a few things.
Episide is a wrighting platform of creativity and storytelling with avatars.
Role-play is a story too.
It’s a script the writer can create with someone else.
Role play is meant to inspire and help people get comfortable with wrighting and coming up with plot.

The episide forums have become dry, I understand rules regarding safety and security and NSFW content.
But it’s awful the team doesn’t reply to the comments in the community.
When a post like this is posted it only adds negative feedback, and I scrolled through almost all of this conversation and didn’t see any response from the episide team.

You need to start listening to your users, you need to start making them feel like the forums is a safe place to be.
If you don’t they will start to grow more upset with this place, as some alreday did.

I understand most of the rules, but some of the guidelines and changes are strict and getting out of hand.

Users have been banned for unfair reasons, and when suggested to send a ticket.
No response most of the time.
And it’s very unfair, considering mostly bots or misunderstandings cause a ban.

It’s just the same as putting a robot to be a judge for a serious trial.

It can be unfair and the robot probably doesn’t understand anything.

I can’t speak my mind on forums, because I will get suspended.
I shouldn’t be scared of this episide.
I should have a right to speak my mind and give respectful constructive criticism to help know what users want.

I have been respectful this whole time, I have not said anything out of the ordinary or rude to any of the staff
But the rules need a serious change and the team really needs to listen to us.

I understand you’re busy, but the mods when I send a message to when I’m alone is terrifying.
I feel like if I say one wrong thing I’ll get banned.
That’s why so many people can’t express themselves.

I love episide.
I’ve had it ever since Demi lavato came out
Please episide, hear us.
We all came here because we loved your game.
Please hear what we have to say.


I don’t understand the reasoning behind the closing of RP/SG threads. Isn’t it the Episode team’s mission to provide a space for creating and telling stories? I mean… that’s the whole point of the app. RP threads are more casual storytelling spaces than coding alone in the Writer’s Portal. How do these threads go against their mission to cultivate a community of writers? I’d love to hear opinions!


oh man… I’m a YEAR late?!? oops lol