Clothes are used.........and now?


I have a lot of characters but canged there defauld outfits directly in another outfit to spare clothes.
I have only made a pyama, fancy, douche, lingerie,nurse for my MC ANNEKE
And then for 4 people the defauld and one other and no i want to create a new outfit and it says clotes used look:


I’m not exactly sure what the issue is now, but all you have to do is click on a outfit you would like to use and it will appear in the clothes used section.


No i just can’t make new outfits, it says it is full.


You need to delete some outfit YOU are sure you are not gonna need


But i have already a smalll closet, only for me default (wich i have changed) one lingerie, one work, one casual, one douche and one pyama that’s all.


someone??? …


can you not add new clothes at all? can you screenshot the error?


did already do that in the beginning off this discussion.