CLOTHES: Baggy Clothes for All

I’ll stop making threads like this when I finally get something I’d like. :relieved:

Anyways… yes! Baggy clothes! Those plain hoodies aren’t doing people justice and the few baggy things we do have are… difficult to pair with anything. I’ll be using primarily female models because these are what I have saved to my Pinterest at the moment, but I’d love to see some shapeless shirts, sweaters and especially jackets (boy, do we not have enough normal jackets) like so:

Seriously, how fun would it be to overlay some big graphic tees with those new undershirts we have? The range we could have!!

What about baggy jeans and shorts?

They’d be hella cute; especially if we could get some high-waisted ones that would allow for more of a range, i.e. crop tops that would appear tucked in because of the baggy pants instead of leaving a mile of skin.

And finally… loose dresses! I feel like a lot of the options we have are tight, with the exception various ballgowns and the new addition of modest dresses (cute, but very little variations).

These clothes could work wonders for representation; offering loose clothing for muslim characters who wear niqabs or just generally prefer loose clothing, butch/stud women and other generally gender-nonconforming characters, as well as baggier clothing options for those such as myself who simply prefer leaving things to the imagination!

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this would definitely be of use to transgender MC’s that need baggy clothes- OR just anyone who likes to where baggy clothes!! (me hehe)


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The ones we have are so bad! There’s very little we can do with the maybe three options we have for pants.



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