CLOTHES: Bandages For Survival/Apocalyptic Stories


I thought this could be a kinda fun little idea for any survival type stories that could really add a lot in terms of immersion! What if they were to apply the tattoo functionality to bandages? It would be like one of those wraps you put on for blood loss and it would wrap around the waist or arm like a tat- I just thought that would be a rad little idea. There are more sanitary bandage/medical care stuff in other posts, but for this idea, I’m kind of hoping for a more rushed “OH NO MY FRIEND IS GONNA DIE” kinda look. Ya know, bloody clothe rags tied off around the character’s arm or waist? I think it could really add to the direly-ness of the situation!

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Are you by any chance writing an apocalypse story? I’d love to read :smiley:



Aw thanks - I am indeed writing an apocalypse story! It’s still in the works, but I’ll pm you when I release it if you want :blush:

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I would love that. :wink:

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