Clothes on episode

can someone help me how to set clothes for each episode because idk how and i need help

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Sure! Do you need help understanding how to make outfits or just with putting outfits together?

no i just want it to be set for each episode! like they have clothes already but different ones.

Hey there!
You can make tons of outfits in the outfits part of the writer portal.
You can make as many as you want and they will appear when you write something like this.
@CHARACTER changes into (outfit name)
Here’s my example:

As you can see, all the outfits that I have created are located in that box.

Hope this helped,
-Ao :blob_hearts:

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Hey, I can make outfits for you

Fill out a form here

omg you save my life thank you soooooo much i appreate it thankkk a millien

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Your very welcome!! :blush:

Happy outfit creating,
-Ao :blob_hearts:

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