Clothes Option Template




Sorry if I’m being a pain but I am new to this.

So, the readers get to choose their outfit for the character which this is the script I have

(I best get ready for school)

label MENU

    CASEY (think_rubchin)
(What uniform should I wear today?)

“Uniform One”{
@CASEY changes into CASEY_school
@CASEY is idle
“Uniform Two”{
@CASEY changes into CASEY_school2
@CASEY is idle
“Uniform Three”{
@CASEY changes into CASEY_school3
@CASEY is idle
“Uniform Four”{
@CASEY changes into CASEY_school4
@CASEY is idle
goto MENU

label DECIDE
CASEY (idle_happy_pose)
Should I wear this?

“Yes, this will do.”{
“No, try something else.”{
goto MENU

@CASEY starts dustoff_neutral_loop

However, when the character enters the next scene she isn’t wearing the clothes chosen by the reader.

How do I make my character wear the clothes the reader picked prior in different scenes instead of wearing the original?

Also, I’d like to do more options were the reader gets to choose outfits throughout my story so would any of this affect that?


That is strange, and hasn’t happened to me! The coding looks correct so it must be a weird glitch or something! And the readers being able to pick their outfits wouldn’t affect it.


Try this code:

As soon as a reader picks an outfit it carries over to the next episode until you give them a choice to change it-also, when trying out your story on mobile, remember to reset your story when playing-on writer’s portal, sometimes, for me, when I chose an outfit in an episode-like 3, it appears in all of ep 3, but when I’m on ep 4 she’s back to her original outfit.
However, if the reader is playing-that outfit is shown all the way across from ep 3 to ep 4 until they choose something else to wear.

And the (uniform_wear) next to choice is just something that’s used if you want the outfit that the reader picked later on if you ever make them change out of it and want them to wear it again.


Oh great, thank you!


It worked! I forgot that I had outfit changes after as the outfit option has just been added last minute.

Thanks! :slight_smile: