CLOTHES: Yellow Wardrobe (Limelight)

Unfortunately, it seems like yellow clothes are barely existent in LL. I personally love this color and really need my character for my (maybe) upcoming story to wear lots of yellow.
Not beige or cream, yellow.
We need more yellow clothes. They give such a happy and summery feel to everything. Hope I’m not alone in this!

I made these ones on Photoshop. Look how pretty they are! we need these colors for our characters! :pray:


So I wanted to see what all they had that was Just yellow and yeah very disappointed

I thank we should have the opposition to change all clothes to the color we would like.


This is pretty much nothing if you want to make several yellow outfits. Most of the things tagged “yellow” are actually beige or cream. I really need more yellow, especially another yellow dress, like the angel dress style!


Agree like why is it cream and not yellow I don’t get it.

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And ink is no better most of it is lime yellow

I really don’t get it either. Ink and Classic both have a lot of yellow and it looks great! Why exclude it?
But if we spread awareness to this it could change!

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For some reason I thought Ink had yellow :thinking:

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I don’t much care for inks yellow lol and there nothing for the guys but it is better then cream

Here is all ink has

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Oh, you’re right. That’s such a pale yellow eww… We really need yellow outfits in LL. But really yellow!


Yes agree helpful as they work on LL they will

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Just added a picture I edited to the post to show what we really need! :wink:

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Oh my those are beutiful we do need them. I would so have LL characters in all of that.

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Ya I need for the character I based off of my bff
She had a yellow phase :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Totally, my MC’s favourite colour is yellow… I have to use the few yellow clothes sparingly.


Is there a link to this screenshot app? Is it on computer or phone? I would love to make one of these for my first story. Please contact me @qveen.xs on Instagram. I would very much appreciate it. Oh and I am looking for a writing buddy, maybe you can help me or you know someone who can help me. Again please contact me @qveen.xs on Instagram I would very much like that.

support! :heart:

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bump :strawberry:

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You don’t need to download “screenshot” app. Computer and devices have own screenshots buttons.

Great idea!

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