CLOTHING: 18th century



Goodnight everyone, but I had some time to spare so I decided to make an 18th-century man. I’m sorry if this thread is already repeated, but I do think the 18th-century clothing in Episode isn’t sufficient, as there should also be long coats, breeches, etc,
(I’m sorry this isn’t the best design)

But I pieced together some of episode’s clothing in limelight.

CLOTHING: LimeLight female [+male edit] (Victorian, Georgian, Rococo)
Historical/Victorian/Royal Clothing

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Oh, sorry Sydney! (I thought I put it in the right category) Sorry for bothering you!


Wow, I love your design and love the way it looks. I usually don’t like guy long hair, but he actually looks really good :slight_smile:


I so agree! I’m writing a story (in Ink) that takes place in Medieval times and it’s so challenging trying to dress my characters in different things plus trying to get backgrounds that aren’t modern! Episode definitely needs to work on supporting stories that take place in different eras.


That outfit looked amazing! :heart_eyes:
I am currently writing an ink story set in the1800th century, and I’m struggling with this.
I pictured many of my male characters with top hats, as they give off this mysterious vibe. But when I put them on, it looks just completely comical. :see_no_evil:


AH!! Yay!! lol century power!!


This would be so freaking awesome if they added more outfits for this in and that character looks awesome :wink:


love this


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That looks so beautiful!!! I wish I could have that clothing. :sob::sob::sob:


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Wow! This looks so good! I also wish for more 18th century clothing.


Thank you! (I also agree, and it’d be great to get hair ribbons and fancy Marie-Antoinette esque hairstyles as well!


That is seriously spectacular (and I have no idea how you did that, but :heart_eyes:)

All the support!


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Thank you so much! (It was just a bit of editing :laughing:, but I’m honestly flattered) :grin::heart_eyes:


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Wow this looks great! I wish this existed😩 I’m writing a story in the 50s-60s and it’s difficult because almost all the clothing is modern