CLOTHING: 90's Clothing (Limelight)



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It would be so great to see some Retro Clothing in Episode! I really want to see clothes from 90’s it would be great for both flashbacks where our characters in their childhood or teenage years or for some stories that places in the 90’s, also for daily life for both male and female characters.Like cat-eye sunglasses, bandanas, fanny packs, knee high socks, fishnet tights and specially matching plaid sets.

CLOTHING: Limelight Socks
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Hi! Your suggestion for 80’s thread already exists here! If you’d like to edit your thread so that it only suggests 90’s clothing that would be great :slight_smile: Thanks!


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i love period stories! even if they’re only 20-30 years ago!

this would definetly encourage more of those on Epsiode.


I edited it, I hope it’s okay now! :slightly_smiling_face:


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Yes yes this is perfect!!! Especially considering that the whole 90s look is coming back in style, I think this would be super cool.


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Yes, this would help a lot for flashbacks for things like parents in my stories. I hope, if they do decide to add it, that they do it in all styles. Even though classic isn’t receiving updates anymore, I would like them to add it to that because it’s the style I mostly write in.

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Love the idea!!




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I agree!! Especially since these styles are coming back in a big way!


I’m sorry but does anyone now how to make your OWN PERSONAL outfits on episode or were we do it for episode


Agreed! Vintage clothing is the best