CLOTHING: Advanced Military Clothing

I mean, come on just look at this;

All you have to do is modify the pilot uniform a little and add a skirt and add some badges. This would be perfect for military stories? So, please? Pretty please?


Come on now, I just need this and a few badges! Preeeeeeeettty please? :crying_cat_face:


I agree.

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I already covered this topic here’s the link

Sadly you want it in Limelight, I need it in Ink. But thanks anyway!

Don’t mention it, and I support your post

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I agree!!

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I completely agree. I mentioned before in a reply about needing more career clothing, specifically for limelight. Military clothes would be much appreciated! You could have an entire new section of stories based off a military! Love stories, murders, cover ups, adventures, the list goes on!
Some items I’d personally like to see are:

  • dress blues
  • cammies
  • service uniforms
  • rifles
  • ribbons
  • medals
  • covers
  • more variety on clean-cut military hair styles for men
  • a clean military bun for women
  • more professional pants and skirts

(if you are unsure what any of these items are, I recommend googling them)

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It got added in limelight! sorry to those who wanted it in Ink but I’m sure they said they aren’t updating ink anymore :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They need t add the camouflage clothes to limelight