CLOTHING: African clothes (NOT A PLACE FOR DISCUSSIONS ON RACE: Support positively or don't comment)


We need Mexican clothes!!!


More cultural clothing is needed in Episode matter-of-factly. I can’t even find the sari (in which I see) every so often. Episode designers need to bring some of the limelight cultural clothing IN! The Limelight style in very similar to INK, so I’m assuming it would be easy to just copy and paste the designs. Ink so far, has done a swell job with cultural clothing, and needs to transfer these things so that us Limelight authors can enjoy and bathe in its cultural GREASE!

Every one of our cultures is unique…

I say support, because we’re all from different cultures.
Thank you for taking your time also to create that wonderful collage of some of the designs you would like to see! I one hundred percent support this happening.


Add images to give episode inspiration.


Add images to your post to give episode inspiration.


That makes sense. Maybe there’s a way you could make an official request for these things, just thinking.


Oh. The images aren’t working right now for some reason. I have to hook up my laptop to another internet for that to work for some reason (my laptop doesn’t do well with transferring media files).



Any specific cultures you have in mind? I made a new post for cultural clothes. I can post images of clothes from the cultures you had in mind.


Here’s a link to a post about diverse clothes:


Try Igbo.


Here are some Igbo attires too!


Nice one!


1000% SUPPORT - ankara, Igbo coral beads, agbadas, chieftancy caps, here for this so so much–bless you for suggesting this! :heart::heart:


What is it with white people giving their input on black topics? Anyway, I would LOVE African attire, especially the dresses. I really hope Episode steps it up soon!


If they’re supporting it then quit complaining, if they’re hating and talking about a topic they don’t know about then complain. Otherwise white people can still give their opinion even if they aren’t black…


What is wrong with you…? Why would white people wear African clothes in the first place? What I meant is that I just don’t understand why white people feel the need to hop into black related topics and give their unnecessary opinion which is what you did. You’ll just never understand. Also, if you “got” cultural appropriation, you wouldn’t be saying it’s “ignorant and hypocritical”. My post had NOTHING to do with white people supporting the idea. It had to do with your comment.


Support! These clothes are gorgeous, by the way :two_hearts:


Oooh I’m writing a story that takes place in South Africa, so this would be so helpful. I mean, I support it anyways, but still :slight_smile:


If it is something for the game, then the community can still give their input. You’re clearly excluding white people everyone has a freedom of speech. “What is wrong with you?” Nothing I just don’t see why everyone can’t give their opinions, also I never said anything relating to the fact why white people would wear African clothing. I’m not a POC, I’m Asian and a Muslim, and I wouldn’t mind people who haven’t got the same background/ethnicity as me to give their input. Again this is a topic of which anyone is able to comment on. And no I’m not black, but am I not free to give my own opinion to something? Why can’t EVERYONE give their own opinion? You’re coming off as hostile, and please can you not quote things I haven’t said? “Which is what you did” I’m not white and what would be wrong for a white people to comment on a “black” topic? Seriously I don’t get this, why can’t we all talk about this and peace, white people are supporting the diversity… but oh no they can’t talk about “black related topics”.


Damn right! I truly support this especially I am a west African girl as well. It would absolutely be awesome to see African clothes not only African but every cultures outfits as well.