CLOTHING: African clothes (NOT A PLACE FOR DISCUSSIONS ON RACE: Support positively or don't comment)


Support! These clothes are gorgeous, by the way :two_hearts:


Oooh I’m writing a story that takes place in South Africa, so this would be so helpful. I mean, I support it anyways, but still :slight_smile:


If it is something for the game, then the community can still give their input. You’re clearly excluding white people everyone has a freedom of speech. “What is wrong with you?” Nothing I just don’t see why everyone can’t give their opinions, also I never said anything relating to the fact why white people would wear African clothing. I’m not a POC, I’m Asian and a Muslim, and I wouldn’t mind people who haven’t got the same background/ethnicity as me to give their input. Again this is a topic of which anyone is able to comment on. And no I’m not black, but am I not free to give my own opinion to something? Why can’t EVERYONE give their own opinion? You’re coming off as hostile, and please can you not quote things I haven’t said? “Which is what you did” I’m not white and what would be wrong for a white people to comment on a “black” topic? Seriously I don’t get this, why can’t we all talk about this and peace, white people are supporting the diversity… but oh no they can’t talk about “black related topics”.


Damn right! I truly support this especially I am a west African girl as well. It would absolutely be awesome to see African clothes not only African but every cultures outfits as well.


As a Nigerian, I endorse this😄. Thanks for bringing this to Episode’s notice. I hope they notice.


A Nigerian endorses this message :smile:


As a Black person, I have no problem with White people putting on African attires. There are millions of Africans who think so too.




People never understand stuff that has never happened to them. If it doesn’t, they think it doesn’t matter. Especially people in this community, they are like that. :roll_eyes: Sad, but true.


SUPPORT :smile: