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If you agree like the post and comment so it can get attention from episode. Some people mentioned other cultures, so click ->[HERE] <- for a link to that post. Please support this post and that one as well :slight_smile:

After reading the feature story Instant Princess by LB & watching Black Panther, I realized Episode needs a little African/Wakandan magic in their wardrobe section. Please make African clothes for male and females and share the ones in Instant princess, as well! Please research traditional and modern Ankara, Igbo and other African fashion. Thank you in advance :slight_smile: Below are some inspiration for ya’ll:


From a West African app user and writer

Clothing:african clothing

I totally agree with this. It will totally express African Culture and give our lifestyle some recognition.


The female dresses also look very gorgeous!


Yes yes yes yes!!!

Also Dashikis:

And these!:


:clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:Yaass loving the outfit pictures :heart_eyes:

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Yas represent :facepunch:t5::muscle:t5:


Support! I think this is a great idea.


I truly support this! I think I saw one head scarf in INK but that was about it.


Definitely support!


Wow yes please! It would expand the diversityin episode, plus these are gorgeous as heck :heart_eyes:


African Clothing are AMAZING! We really need this.
As African I totally support this.
Here is more…


Support, but as I’ve stated in a different thread, but my only concern is the people who are appropriating the culture when doing it…
IE; When a non-diverse episode has their character use it … if that makes sense.


Personally, as a West African, I do not see a problem with non-diverse people wearing clothes from my culture, since Africans come in different shades ranging from very pale to very dark. As long as they are not using the clothes to make fun of Africans and our culture in general, I believe it should be ok. If the characters wear it because it’s beautiful and mention it’s roots their should not be a problem. My mother designs and sews Afrocentric/afro-western clothes for a living and her customers range from caucasians (White) to Africans. Her non-diverse customers don’t come in to misappropriate the clothes she sells. They buy it because they genuinely and honestly find it beautiful. I believe some, not all, authors who dress their characters in clothes of other cultures don’t do it to misappropriate the culture, but simply because they find the outfit beautiful, which in my opinion is a compliment to the culture, but that’s how I feel personally, nonetheless thanks for supporting my post :slight_smile:


I totally understand where you’re coming from!


i mean yeah… definitely agree on this one


Yes! I am loving the outfits here! They are killer! If some of these outfits were in stories, I’d pay diamonds for some of them! Love it! :raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5:


Umm what




did you need help understanding what i’ve written?


I support this