CLOTHING: Ancient Greek Clothing

Ancient Greek clothing consists of chitons, himations, peplos, chlamys, etc.

The existing toga was worn by the Romans, so it would be nice to have more clothing from Greek culture, especially since my upcoming story includes Ancient Greek gods :blob_hearts:

Here’s a wiki page showing and describing these clothes: Clothing in ancient Greece - Wikipedia

Here are some descriptions (and pics) of each of the clothing articles:

Chiton: simple light tunic that was worn by both sexes and ages and usually came down to the ankles (shorter ones were worn for battle), there also includes two types, Doric and Ionic

Himations: worn over chiton or peplos, made of rectangular material

Peplos: predecessor of himation, a square cloth that is originally worn over chiton by women

Chlamy: a rectangle of woolen material worn by men for military/hunting purposes, worn as a cloak, fastened with a button/brooch at the shoulder


I find that their old fashioned clothing to be severely lacking in diversity. We could definitely use stuff like this.



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