Clothing and Costumiztions

I would love to see school and camping backpacks for men and women in both ink and limelight.

I have been recently working on Apocalyptic themed episode stories, but it feels incomplete without backpacks and apocalyptic backgrounds. It would also be cool if different variety of beards were added for the men and different body shapes for both parties.

It would be amazing and SUPER awesome if you guys can support this. :hearts::hearts::hearts:


Ah that sounds so good! Support!

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I think Episode is working on different sized bodies because of the Perfect Pitches, but backpacks would be amazing as well! Also, long beards are a must! I know that these updates will take a lot of work for Episode, but I would enjoy using these in my writing.

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Thank you guys for supporting this idea. I’m pretty sure many have been wanting this to happened and I’ve been dying to see it happen. I honestly can’t wait to see new updates!:hearts::hearts::hearts:

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