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Dear Episode,
I’m a tomboy and don’t really like the fact that there aren’t as many boyish clothes for girls. Also what about dresses and crop tops for boys? It could be there as a option, just for some of us. Also Kicking would be great to have, as you have stories that have you needing to protect yourself, also, maybe so the girl being sexually harrassed in a story can be her own knight in shining armor instead of a bot coming to your rescue. Girls don’t always need to be saved it’s nice, but it’s also promoting girls should expect boys to come to their rescue while they’ll be a damsel in distress and the boys a knight in shining armor. Could we have boxing gloves in both red and blue and maybe mittens for our winter clothes.


SUPPORT from a fellow tom-girl :blue_heart:


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I agree with u. I’m a tom-boy as well & I like boots & sweats. I like dresses too, but i like to dress tomboyish


You can just make a girl outfit and make a boy wear it

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