CLOTHING: Asian style for Ink & Limelight (Qipao, kimono, yukata, hanfu)



So, here is the sitch. I am creating a story. It’s main country setting is Japan. I would love it if I was able to use these Asian styles in my story. Please help me!

So, this is just a referrence. I know it is not an 100% correct drawing of a kimono, but…

Tabi socks w/ zori shoes:

This would be in dresses:

This part would be in coats:

This obi would be in the accessories section (This could overlap the coats):

  • I did make a red version, but my character is 24 years old. That would be weird.

I also created a new hairstyle:

Here is how the character would look:

There could also be a parasol prop:

These are just examples. I know they are no 100% accurate, but I will update this again, later.

Diverse Hairstyles: HAIR: Diversity In Limelight (Asian,Native, African,Hispanic,etc)

Mobile Stories?

SUPPORT! I so need this for my story! I have Japanese characters in my story, who I wish to dress them in tradition Japanese outfits but I can’t find any in INK. :sob:


lol ikr! It would be beneficial for both limelight and Ink. I love both and I am making a series that switches styles later. It would be nice to see the Japanese portion of my story peek through the storyline.


My MC is Japanese and I wish to dress her mother in these outfits. But It’s upsetting we don’t have any. I thought after the Chinese outfits the Japanese ones would follow but they didn’t release it.


Yes. I was hoping for diversity in traditional clothes, costumes, and more since we saw the headwraps, headscarfs, K/J-pop clothes and hair, and qipao for Ink. There was nothing after that. Hopefully the Episode team sees more of these and star adding them. It may take time but patience is a virture! :smile:


Yes. Keeping my fingers crossed for them for release these!


Support!. We need more diversity!




Support! Support! Support!




I support however I feel like some people won’t use it for traditional clothing they’ll do cultural appropriation & do it for the style.


True. That’s why I am designing some styles on a character or two in different styles. If these outfits come in clothing parts for each traditional wear, people won’t have to use it as what it originally is. Hopefully, they can be done into layers. The more visual part would have to be in jackets and the decorated obi would have to be an accessories that can go over the clothes. I’m going to replace this picture with my own designs later.


I must say the hairstyles you created are absolutely gorgeous…!


I agree, those hairstyles are stunning! How did you make them (if you don’t mind me asking)?




I drew the black hairstyle using ibispaint, and edited the red hair using the different hairstyles in episode. Then, I added flowers that I once saved from one of my other drawings and placed it on the hair.




Can I ask what programs you used to design the clothing, if you don’t mind?


ibispaint, a paint tool mobile app.


Oh! I have ibispaint! I feel so dumb now! :joy: I don’t know why I thought you used a different program lolol.