CLOTHING: Asian style for Ink & Limelight (Qipao, kimono, yukata, hanfu)


I have some Photoshop knowledge, but it’s like some basic tools and the basic of the basic interior design. I’d also rather do things with pencil! But, I’d definitely like to color digitally cause it’s cheaper, I feel like I can do more, and I can experiment. Problem is my phone is small so trying to do everything with your finger is difficult and drawing with the mouse on my laptop was more painful :sob:

It’s such a shame… I really want to try 2D animation sometime, but I don’t think I have the resources to do that either…



Sometimes it’s not simply the resources, but the knowledge of where to find your resources. If you need a stylus to help you draw on a phone, they are also sold at cheap stores or convenience stores. If you want to look up 2d animation and how to do it, use youtube or skillshare for lessons. You can find animation software free online and there are youtube videos on how to download and use them. If you want more lessons about photoshop, there are also lessons on skillshare and youtube. No money involved.

The only thing that may cost a lot throughout an art’s quest for supplies is an artist’s digital-pad. It’s a pad to hook up to that computer and a stylus comes with it. People use it to draw on the computer since a mouse may be difficult to use. I wanted one for a long time, but it’s expensive. I’d rather buy fancy acrylic paints. I don’t even have enough for that. Lol



I know where I can get everything I need and what I need… it’s a matter of cost. Buying a stylus would be pointless since I can tell my phone is reaching the end of its life, so I’m thinking of investing in the next Samsung Note. But, then again I could use that money to fund my college tuition so I can actually learn animation.

But, I think I’ll work it out somehow! I’m not one to give up this easily!

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Awesome! Good luck on you journey and have a blast with it too.

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I love the idea! :+1:

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Bump and support!

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Is there a way to get involved with Episode as a graphics person (i.e. a job) to help build more clothing?

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Yes. Going to Episode Career and applying is something I was thinking about doing. However, I am not good at using photoshop or anything. I usually draw on my phone with the Ibispaint paint-tool. I only know a limited amount about animation and character creation too from using an animation software called, Blender. The Episode team are pros while I’m simply an amature.

Maybe I will apply eventually. Hopefully, they could help train me but, until then, I will have to perfect my skills.



Coming back to support!
I have a Korean character in a WIP story of mine, and I’d love to incorporate some of her culture!

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I totally support this.



Totally support this! :blush:



Completely Support this! It would go well with my story!



Supporting this!!! :heart_eyes:



Support :heart:




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Support! support! support!

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bump & SUPPORT!

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