CLOTHING: Baby Hairs


Wouldn’t it be nice if for some of the hair styles we could have baby hairs?

Examples :slight_smile:


They could have a seperate category or like piercings and freckles in accesories so that there can be varied styles. Also so that they can be applicated to the hairs easily.

Please like so this gets seen! :star: :star:






@raining: Would this be better suited for hairstyles as a category, though? Just so it gets the attention it should/the topic doesn’t get shut down? Or are you thinking it should be in clothing like the freckles are (which still confuses me)? Sorry for all the questions! I think this would be awesome!




Support :grin:


I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros :kissing:


I was thinking it would be better as hairstyles but there isn’t a category for miscellaneous accessories. So If there was to ever be baby hairs most likely it would be in the subcategory in accessories. Like I said up above '‘They could have a separate category or like piercings and freckles in accessories’'
And its okay, I’m pretty unsure on the two. I may change it to hairstyles because I’m afraid the topic might get shut down.


Yeah, my main concern was the topic getting closed. It would be so great to get this implemented!



but seriously


(sorry for the constant replying, but I made a thing in case y’all are interested)




b u m p!