CLOTHING: Baro't Saya/ Barong Tagalog

Hey guys! so I’ve seen a lot of cultures being integrated in stories nowadays through clothing, and I’d honestly love for something that would be similar to my Philippine roots, as we don’t exactly have similar traditional clothing especially with the majority of the variants being Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and many more traditional clothing that I can’t remember at the moment.

Crash course on Philippine Culture and it's General History

If you don’t know, the Philippines is heavily more rooted in Spanish and American culture. There are more influences of other countries as time went on, but these two are one of the biggest contributors to how my country’s culture works, alongside the fact that both of these foreign cultures were heavily translated into the Filipinos’ lives after years and years of being colonized.

Translation notes:

  • The Baro’t Saya (Barong at Saya; translation: Shirt and Skirt) is actually two pieces of clothing that are usually worn as an ensemble.
  • The Barong Tagalog (translation: Tagalog Shirt) is just a formal shirt that is worn by men.
  • both of these clothing pieces are usually worn for formal events or as a motif nowadays (as well as have a more modified and modernized version of these exist), but were also used throughout Philippine History as their daily clothing.

anywho, on with the references and pictures!

:rose: :rose:Traditional Side: :rose: :rose:

image image

:sparkles: :sparkles: Modern Side: :sparkles: :sparkles:


I’d honestly be happy with either traditional or modern, or maybe even just a variant of what I have above, but if you managed to get this far! Thank you so much for reading! I hope I get supported! :blush: