CLOTHING: Better Jewelry for Limelight!



I’ve looked at the jewelry on limelight and to be honest it pretty much sucks. I think that there should be thinner necklaces, such as pendants, or religious necklaces. There should also be much more variety in bracelets and earrings. I love many of the jewelry in ink, such as the chokers and the war medal. I’m also making a new suggestion, rings and piercings. I think it would be pretty awesome to add those.



I was also going to make my characters go to church, but I couldn’t find anything for a priest/father, ect to wear. I know that they have it for one of the other styles of characters (I’m writing in Ink) but they don’t have it for Ink.


@charlottescribbles @jules_episode I believe the reason they don’t have religious necklaces is because for for example I’m a Christian but not everyone is. It is kind of like when you go to school or where I live the teachers are not allowed to “preach” or really have there students listen to preaching. Like when I was in music class our teacher had played an accapella groups songs but when one of the members started talking to the audience talking in this case would be preaching she had to turn it down so we couldn’t hear it.


Oh yes, this would make sense. Thank you for clarifying!


No problem!


support. The color limitations are also really frustrating. I need plain black jewelry and plain white jewelry for this story, and I’ve had to make my own with overlays. Honestly. Just a plain black stone on a chain. Bruh.



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