CLOTHING: Better organization

Whenever they add new clothing, they often don’t add it to the correct filter search. For instance the lace wedding type dress isn’t in the dress category, and the feathered metal circlet used to not be in the assecories category. It’s kind of annoying when I have to search these things up individually :joy:


Support all the way!! :grin::grin::grin:

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Thanks lol. Your support is appreciated.

I did this so the topic could be seen by more people😊

P.s. you could try to move this suggestion here. I think this is a more accurate category👌:

Not sure it’s for portal, but thanks. :woman_shrugging:

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Yasss. Honestly I think this makes it hard for authors who are new to limelight to know what there really is without having to scroll through everything. I’ve created this topic before a few weeks ago, filed a support ticket and have mentioned this when they release new limelight clothes. I haven’t gotten a response :frowning: They did respond to the ticket that they would pass on the information but that was a long time ago and obviously there hasn’t been changes.

Here is a link to my post just so you can see other comments. CLOTHING: Limelight Clothing Organization

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I fully agree :blush:

It makes me pretty OCD

I always they were hidden outfits…

There are also hidden outfits and removed outfits (from all styles)

Removed outfits?

Yeah, if you’ve tried making a story on mobile it has the “pageant dress” which is not available in ink anymore.

Oh. That’s pretty cool!