CLOTHING: Cheerleading Clothing for LL

Support! INK has cheer, so I don’t see why LL doesn’t have it.

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I TOTALLY agree with these girls

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I need it too … soon :sob::sob:

Like the ones they have in Envy yes pls!!



Totes agree BUMP!


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Limelight might not have one, but we do have options. I do think there could be more specific ones than this one I made. If any one needs help with cheerleader outfits or any outfits hmu :heart:


How do you create a cheerleader uniform?

well if you didn’t have anything to add you really didn’t need to comment… but go off

I’m just sharing my opinion and trying to help people out. And thanks, I think.

I’m on my phone, so I dont know exactly what they are called.

Top: Purple Latex Top (I think if you type latex you will find it)

Skirt: Belted Black Skirt

Shoes: White Chunk Shoes

Bump! Definitely needed and support

bump :heart:

Screencap of the cheerleader outfit from Envy for posterity:

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They should really add that onto the catalogue. It’d be easy for anyone to add these costumes into their story.

My thoughts exactly. The outfit also comes in different colors, so it isn’t like they can’t easily recolor it for variety:

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