CLOTHING: Clothing to Change Body Types

Instead of making whole different body types, there should be clothing that

• Makes the character larger.
• Makes the character flat-chested.

That’s our solution to kid bodies & larger body types!



No, it’s better if there are different body types.
It’s was simpler and better.
Otherwise, every kid will have only a few clothes, every fat person will have only a few clothes, and so on…
Just look at the pregnancy clothes, there are only a few.


Yeah true,

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i agree with you , sometimes the character shape makes some changes in the story , you would see it and understand it differently .


Yup, totally.


For this kinda thing to be effective Episode would have to go 3d because all the clothing are basically overlays of bmp images placed/clipped onto of the character that allows minor stretching for certain animation.

I’ve always wished for body alterations, like a few of the MCs in my story are suppose to be thick or have a lot more curves that the default.

A slider for resizeses would be :fire: but again, only possible in 3d format.


The problem with making new body types is that you’d have to re-do animations which is a lot of work.

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That’s true, but then again, great things require a lot of work.


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